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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 14, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Hello everyone, I am a mom on a strict budget. My fiance and myself are wanting to start going Paleo, and have been researching the way of eating, however, we do not know where to start, what to start with, etc. Any and all advice will be helpful. We want to start with baby steps, so that it will not be a complete shock to our systems. I am gluten sensitive, and trying to loose weight. What should be the first thing we cut out?

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on May 14, 2013
at 11:45 AM

why is your goal?

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on May 15, 2013
at 02:15 AM

Baby step #1 - cut out wheat and glutinous grains (should be easy since you are gluten sensitive) Eat potatoes, rice, yucca, and plantains instead - a good source for yucca and plantains are latino markets if there are any in your area.

Baby step #2 - stop using corn, seed, and nut oils - cook with butter, animal fats, or coconut oil (a cheap way to get cooking oil is by frying up a pound of bacon and reserving the rendered fat - a great 2 for 1 = bacon AND oil for sauteeing with!)

Baby step #3 - Cut out as many processed foods as you can, little by little, and replace them with fresh meat and vegetables you cook.

Shop for food only when you need it so you don't have a ton of food around with the pressure to cook it. Of course, if you don't have time to shop for a bag of food a day, you may want to plan your meals at the beginning of the week, cook for the whole week, and refrigerate portions for your meals. I always cooked most meals, but I know one of the challenges of Paleo for alot of people is finding the time for all the shopping/cooking.

ps - fatty fish helped my weight loss, as did eating avocados - but only do this once you have cut processed foods from your diet or it might add too many calories.

I hope this is helpful for you - I am fairly new to this and I had to start by baby steps too. BEST OF LUCK!



on May 14, 2013
at 07:13 PM

If I were you firstly I'd start by cutting out things like chips, candy and soda. Once you've got that down start cutting out grains - bread, pasta, oats, cereal etc. Then cut out all the other little things that aren't considered paleo.

Research The Whole 30 - it's a good way to get started once you feel ready.

Have a look at your macronutrient ratios - make sure you're getting plenty of fats, moderate protein and low to moderate carbs. Play around with it until you find what suits you. I wouldn't worry about weight loss and calories for a few weeks or so until you get used to the dietary changes - it can take a while for your hunger cues to change - higher fat and protein will make you feel fuller and more sated so it will take a while to work out a new eating pattern or routine. Once eating paleo comes more naturally you can start to figure out when you feel like exercising etc.

There are some really great paleo blogs out there, I really love these ones; http://paleomg.com/ http://www.tgipaleo.com/



on May 14, 2013
at 11:28 AM

Easiest I think would be to sit down and think up some meal ideas, look at the things you like to eat, things you can cook on a regular basis. This way you can gauge grocery costs etc.

Personally I eat the same sort of meals on a regular basis, just because I know how long they take to cook, the cost, calories and health benefits. Weekends tend to be more adventurous.

The best rule I found was to make sure my fridge always had ingredients in it, as when it's empty I am more likely to make an unbalanced meal like a bunch of sweet potatoes followed by a bag of Maltesers.

These might be useful for you:

Paleo Food Matrix: hundreds of meal ideas at your fingertips.

Paleo Shopping List: from the meal plans in The Paleo Solution.

ChowStalker: thousands of paleo recipes with contributions from hundreds of food bloggers.

Paleo Troubleshooting Guides: a free, printable, infographic-style download that will help you troubleshoot common problems with the Paleo diet.

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