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Asked on April 19, 2014
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East one was what I was taking the time to control this and then it was like what was going to help me how we're waiting for the birth control kicking and so I'm not I think how weak the birth control probably did it starred on showing and benefits at all until maybe like one month two months I doing that now maybe you see a mock too so I know how at this time but my acne deftly day get better over the course of Lake one-and-a-half to two months and so upbeat I started taking a and then probably and I think at the end of December many early January I just stopped taking the amoxicillin and also a call to steal I'm the decision birth control from noon it and that's what I've been taking as ever since now it's February and that???s still all the time taking and so that's kind of my more part have yeah he sorry that is why I have to you and say I'm higher and cut more free to come of the birth control up because I think that it's like if Income of it maybe I'm going to Lake breakout I'll have to talk to dermatologist about that or something are you open to republish actually moved in so now I've anyone but I really go see her now the only times I regarded on hold this is just is just like checking now and I'll do you like a chemical peel on me and like he noted chemical bit kill is yes it burns it burns so bad but it's really good for helping with acne scarring and I have a lot a lot of scarring I???m sure you guys can see it because I cover it all up I wear full coverage foundation but I have terrible scarring all its mainly on my cheeks I'm and I have a son you know my chair and I have

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