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Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland who for the government other people who protect the public interest in the practice of pharmacy so that's a regulator acting in your interest phone from a council the majority of which is les that regulates and overseas both the registration of pharmacists and uniquely also the promises from which their practice for healthcare professionals pharmacy so it's a very controlled standardized environment that inessential to assure dash the services that pharmacists are giving are safe for you if you think about it has to be uniquely pharmacists are the people who have monopoly if you wish on poisons and so they have really got to be LysoCleanse both knowledgeable and safe in their practice to protect the public interest so how does the Pharmaceutical Society apartment does that it does that true registration our pharmacists recession it could have ethics referred to as a quote to conduct for pharmacists which sets ethical frameworks father and in terms of all what is their decision-making when things aren't black or white it also has an inspector is that inspects pharmacies and pharmacists to sure that they are met the standards that are set by the Pharmaceutical Society a violent and for you as a member of the public if the service that you receive from a pharmacy is not to your expectation there is complaints procedure for you and behind ash appreciate robust fitness to practice procedure which can result in a pharmacist having to leave the register.


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