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I'm done less alert I there's no there's no need for me to subject myself to that that punishment anymore I couldn't even imagine he every single day like edge Journal of which millions of us his chest I have any nested in 10 years it gives me a whole new perspective a house sell for twelve years nobody should feel like this we would you mind if I just lay down to Lenexa undecided cell crash it's the morning after my shower shifting I'm still a little bit a little league rugby simply about sixty or seventy percent and get out drink some water and try to try to eat my normal which is enough protein shake babies from through and you see I feel alright playing Oslo as the likely he did something she release allege that drew Manning Isa good body mind and he went through one thcourageous journeys as trainer that I personally I cream shop want to see what it was like to actually go through that process about keenly he didn???t do what I did for just today or two did he did for six months he 75 hosts I hope you don't mind but I call and at least other topping and he said he wanted me so he actually threw out here hand here right now let me know surprised oh wow yeah I told do are you amazing anal Alyssa buddy Germany kidneys hurt a lot about you hopefully good things yeah I crazy as my story said I it was like crazy when I did yeah but a it was a good learning experience definitely very humbling because all I knew was it was easy to be in shape until I did this so

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