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I totally wannacook anything right away much content as I hey let me check just us of a back other than cigarettes Josh eight for heaters spaghetti bolognaise pizza and hope it enough sausage and bean seating only four nights out of seven who is I'm analyst features or so weeks with a feature a guy Josh's size and age needs 2,500calories a day skipping breakfast lunch and sometimes dinner means on average Josh is consuming just twelve hundred calories the Oni bits but trash fruit bowl range that you had in the entire week was the little bit limp lettuce in the fish eat he had that was it you are essentially starving no sales figures in the gym to methinks that maybe a small more than I should and I E last-mentioned to actually see the mound the opening week was those almost pitiful Louise it's your turn Macon egg key serial cost see you would have full fry up essentially every other week we???re only at breakfast and already Louise is to you is level with Josh's entire week's worth of food artist lunches now nice big cheese filled agency quest oh yes takeaway fried chicken just tell me what you think daunting well it's going to do it us a roast in a with impacts A&G one as one dinner how often with this happen actually am couple times a week the rest in a about 800 calories you'll start to pataysaying how are in town putting another 600 calories she???s another six seven eight hundred depending on what you eat chocolates to see where you're just cutting adding in but dinners don't stop there a double portion of chili burgers chips and takeaways how many days a week with you can take a while probably every dime on top of mammoth main meals Louise is a snack machine some way stressed washing all that down we should treat a Largo and alcohols means Louise is eating.

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