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Asked on July 03, 2014
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Got to see be slipped or the massacre to start to spread apart so I'm only going to do this one last one ended up going to get off the mask because they're you know causing me to spread apart so I???m off to bed them on the floor so once again have the legs spread wide apart pastor SPAM shoulders we specify Utah you want to sick down just like you going to just sit you squat it's just like a city but big book but out stick your gluts your SPAM booty your bomb your butt sticky out and squeeze calmed down as much as you can well I guess if you're talking careful with your them so you don't wanton walk from goal past your knees its force your body is concerned but this I'm not doing this with weight so it???s is perfectly fine we stick it out squeeze okay now these are who very interesting pelvic thrust say what I want to do was I???m going to spread my legs and I'm going to throw my pelvic in the air and I'm going to squeeze my gluts simultaneously and hold it hold it as long as I keep him calm down but up not coming back now all the way to the mat out where you seemed calm down you noticed that my boxes not touching the Mac just slightly like about it inch or two above the Mac still keeping took loosing gauged also working out the thighs as well justice exercise workout more than just your gluts it works out your thighs you all know what they call what???ve v arm that v it didn't see it as some guys have down there this is great for that know what that called but it's like you see this VC down to their pelvic area it's very sexy dies well helped at 20 Know resting arresting my butt here cut I did it five times I held it as long as I could and keeping my gluts tight now going to thrust you to squeeze you up remembered never will you thrust your gluts you thrust up what you do not let your Botox raft or one the Matt to you have finished exercise completely so as I'm thrusting up I am going to squeeze the product.


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