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about last night is whether there's actually a negative slope region that occurs in here and for various reasons it probably occurs not at all or rather rarely under biological conditions you can see though that at over the certain range %uh operation this slope is fairly flat and so muscle by and large operates under conditions where its four slayings properties are not a huge determinant in so therefore not big factor in howSPAMthe contract element itself axe spring-like what's really important is a very steep slope region that occurs right around the zero velocity so when muscle star to shorten had Inc progressively larger velocity for any length that they happened to be at is a steep slope in which they???re forced goes down and asymptotes at some level I'll have several wrestling's per second %uh where the ball where the force generation those 20 and in fact not asymptotically there's a distinct intercept for different muscle fibers armed and we can talk about why that is are one other important conditions above muscle is that its often not just doing positive work but in many cases situations absorbing external forces doing negative work and some muscles are frequently operating in this part of the curve and that's actually a slightly steeper slope on the positive direction and then tried tons but so in this region around isometric which is course important control space.


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