How to Muscle Care?

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this shows one hamstring muscles a the Prague which seems to be very different level and the reason he is that in fact for the million system most have the pass attention arises not from the my filaments inside the muscle fiber but from this connective tissue on the outside which is adjusted according to the conditions views so if you re normalize these according to the maximum fascicle length that can occur at the anatomical limits love the motion I love the giant and you find everything SPAM converges to a much more orderly pattern with his means of course is that these individuals had different amounts have above paralyzed acuity in muscles and that probably reflects the different degrees limber NIS that these animals had as a result of the way they're using your muscles if you want to reach over and touch your toes are some love you can do that so you can't if you want to do it yeah you had to do a great deal stretching to gradually lengthen the connective tissue you're actually adding more collagen series are so that you have a wider range and use and you can do it independently above the active contractile properties and muscle a similar set of properties occurs in the series elastic component so in addition in addition to the in contract elements in their par elasticity the contract elements by and large and on tendons which then link to the bone and those.


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