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Asked on May 22, 2014
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You know they're not going to look professor Mark Alliance is a professor treating cancer and doing serious research and publishing americanjournal of Dermatology ignore her father that we decide that it???s in it's irrelevant tinkered ocean is using the product she has an amazing skin and you know it's like Lady Gaga is having these amazing result is amazing we're buying cares about the results question 01 and Utah but hit nationally healed be Alleure Eye Serum wall I think that have the right to Cass's not necessarily a breakthrough necessarily reproduces as you know humans and as we AB producelhasa a place topically as tremendous Plant-aging benefits up you know I agree with mark on sort of the peptide land on you know at I think that you will see from and that natural world the nationally basically and that have band you know tested diligently on really providing certain areas of and there any sort of basic you know elements I think that some other best you know age acrosseritreans come from the sea see me farm and you know play through tax L Marco anything that???s like they've had a must-have ingredient we felt anti-aging to think that you???re age in the last five years gone I think that answer your question you know I think it's are all about expectations you know it's like what do we expect is the mica cream other cream going to stop aging no it's not it's going to slow down a premature skin aging you know it's going to look us feel better you know plump the skin hydrate the skin.


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