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The last exercise for this round sorry that left leg first going ready and start group that bandana meet your left foot first be a left-hand up to shoulder elbow straight up in the air and press that he ran straight up above the shoulder as focus on getting a nice low contraction pressing at hand directly above the shoulder only hitting from that although making sure that upper arms is perfectly straight up and down just a slower contraction straight up here almost or that left sides tumor wins and squeeze it up him SPAM lacks can switch sides across the bend over right foot right hand a boat up a shoulder nice slow squeeze moving only from an elbow ending with that first directly above the shoulder joint and slowly drop it down back behind their back make sure that upper arms is perfect straight up and down the entire time it's going to want to move around in a quite a bit ridiculous stationary as possible also check that back make sure that backs nice and flat you have a neutral spine and watch those shoulders and try to kick on you bring that right shoulder up about.

that left try to keep as flat as a cue and we are almost done just to ins nice slow squeeze why up axe alright to going posit here if you need lecture rest for future cool water otherwise we started back in a row number three here just a second are for three starting back over with the standing close row don't forget you want to have that door anchor right about chestSPAMevel it's going to get ready and start-up can step back away from it or get attention nice and slow lean into it makes you canto bouncing attention on a band and slowly drive those hands back behind you nice tight squeeze and slowly with those arms right blackout as for the extensions is comfortable the nicest so squeeze right back in space you remember to focus on keeping up back really nice and flat don't your torso took Ford going to keep a straight line from shoulder all.


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