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Americans are overweight so that means that they're not choosing the right foods their eating processed foods arm he no exercise definitely a part of it but if we can just eat the right foods nutrient-dense foods and those are going to be here fruits and vegetables have the most vitamins minerals antioxidants nutrients that you can imagine what the lowest calorie content so we would just focus more on those you???d rather than all the package process convenient foods out there we would make such a dent in the obesity epidemic you Whitney me funny tion is number one avoid all things that interfere with your hunger drive and those include refined sugar excessive sugar try August ms she artificial sweeteners I???m chemicals all those things we've already mentioned number two eat the most nutrient-dense foods possible he's emailing can be your fruits and vegetables these are going to provide the nutrients that your body needs in order that you don't have excessive hunger and number three eat fiber rich foods we haven't gone over this a whole lot but fiber is considered a carbohydrates listen under the carbohydrates on nutrient label arm most in it is insoluble so it'sgonna promotes on healthy bowel movements we need to consume it but the great thing about fiber is that it makes you

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