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Commented on November 11, 2014
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I'm doing some research for a paper for school that discusses all of the reasons why soy is not the health food so many people seem to think it is. I've found plenty of credible sources for that. I also want to discuss why this myth is so pervasive - that it has a lot to do with the soy industry's marketing tactics, and their funding/sponsoring of studies with positive outcomes. I've come across several articles making this claim, but none give specific examples. I thought I could just look at some studies and trace the funding back to the soy industry in some capacity, but how does one go about doing that?

One of the points I'd like to make is that you should look at where the funding came from for any study you read, regardless of the subject matter, because it is just a good practice. But I don't even know where to start.


on November 11, 2014
at 08:30 PM

This happens with a lot of different studies. I've seen studies linking tea with lower (LDL - bad) cholesterol levels in rats....only to scroll down to the bottom and find that the study was funded by a tea company lol. Or that  diets with 30P:40C:40F produce the best weightloss results, only to scroll down to notice that they were funded by the company that sells and promotes the zone diet. It's pretty funny how transparent it is sometimes. I personally don't blame the people doing the studies, after all they disclose the funding right there for the whole world to see, but I do blame the unskeptical media and the brain-dead "journalists" that they assign to cover these studies, who literally write a half-assed article that doesn't even mention the funding and the possible conflicts of interest.



on November 11, 2014
at 06:51 PM

I know I just posted this today, but I did some more digging and found the sources I needed. All I did was look at the footnotes of a few studies and it shows right there that the author was given a grant by Pharmavite LLC, which owns SoyJoy, and one that says the author is on the board of the Soy Nutrition Institute. It's all right there out in the open!

I'm going to leave this question up though so others can see what a joke some of these studies are. I'm sure some have some merit, but always follow the money...

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