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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 19, 2013 at 1:59 PM

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on February 20, 2013
at 12:19 AM

what's your weight and height? Do you under-eat generally, or only when under stress?



on February 19, 2013
at 02:28 PM

The itis is a tired feeling you can get after eating.



on February 19, 2013
at 02:18 PM

I'd say the 'its', an idiom like 'heeby jeebies (lol) that describes feelings of anxiety, apprehension, something being foreboding etc :)



on February 19, 2013
at 02:13 PM

what is the "itis"?

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4 Answers


on February 19, 2013
at 02:17 PM

Might be completely arbitrary, but would you mind giving us an idea of exactly what it is that you are eating?

Also, what sort of exercise are you engaging in? If you put in a half mile of walking around campus everyday, it counts. Especially with such a low caloric input.

Honestly, though, this site isn't really designed to solve such serious problems. Everyone here likes to help others, but your situation seems a little more serious. I would definitely suggest that you seek professional, face-to-face council. I'm sure student support services can help you find somebody.

Good luck. You seem to be aware of the fact that your current habits are unsustainable. I could be mistaken, but I think that gives you an edge over anorexia that many don't have.


on February 19, 2013
at 03:26 PM

Not eating becomes a habit, just as eating does. I used to feel like not eating in the morning, and truthfully, I don't eat first thing when I wake up. I generally drink coffee, get the kid off to school, then walk the dog. But then I eat.

I would say that the difference lies in whether you honestly aren't hungry in the morning, or if you just dislike eating, which is more what it it seems like, as you are feeling bad about and by, not eating. That might require counselling. But you might try eating a small bit of fat and protein within a half hour of waking up, for three weeks, then see if you've changed at all.

I can't speak to your caloric needs, we need more detail for that.


on February 19, 2013
at 02:24 PM

I typically stick to just beef, chicken, vegetables, coconut oil and any fruits I get my hands on. I don't exercise when my calorie intake is this low. I have periods when my calorie intake is about 1900, but those are only when I don't have much work to do. I think this post was just for me to admit that I need to eat more and stop using work as an excuse.


on February 19, 2013
at 02:32 PM

I think you should try to address the underlying issues that make you want to not eat and then you can stop hurting yourself. Get your priorities in order - do they involve starving yourself or being healthy, doing well in school etc.

The tiredness you get after a meal could be related to blood sugar being dysregulated, or it might simply be 'stimulation' of the parasympathetic nervous system. Feeling tired is part of existence. If avoiding that tiredness feeling (and in this context if you like a 'light feeling' I'd strongly advise you to talk to someone about it) means you do things that may threaten your wellbeing, then ask yourself, is it worth it?

From what I gather, you get tired after not eating to avoid the feeling of getting tired after eating. This is a ridiculous pattern that you apparently know is destructive. Seems you're in a catch 22 with your current thinking processes, so the thing to do is to take steps to change things. What has prevented you thus far? I daresay you might benefit from addressing such issues, whether on your own or with a professional.

Like I said, I think you should be mindful of things and support yourself. Think about why you do things as you do etc, and what your priorities are in life. Starving yourself such that you get migraines and can't function is not a healthy activity. Talk to someone.

In the meantime, just eat the food. If you get tired after meals then eat before bed if you want to. Not eating though isn't going to help anything.

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