Snack bar recipes without dates?

Commented on August 24, 2015
Created August 10, 2015 at 9:51 PM

Looking to make a snack bar but most Paleo bars have dates as a main ingredient - I am allergic to dates, and also find there's too much sugar and I get heart palpitations from sugary foods. I'm afraid substituting raisins would have the same effect. Any other ideas or dateless recipes, maybe that use nut butter instead?

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5 Answers


on August 22, 2015
at 04:28 AM

Here's my recipe for Banana Walnut Breakfast Bars.

You can usually substitute dried prunes or figs, for dates in most recipes, and get a similar taste and texture.



on August 24, 2015
at 08:36 PM

 Those look really good, thank you!



on August 18, 2015
at 07:33 PM

There are two things that the dates or honey do in such recipes:

1)  They act as a binder.  I find (assuming the item is baked--this won't work raw) egg white will work to bind baked items.  Something like coconut oil or nut butter will be pretty "loose" and messy at room temperature. 

2)  They provide sweetening.  It's up to you if the recipe is sweet enough without the dates, otherwise you will have to add something acceptable to you for sweetness.  I tend to use a combination of inulin powder and xylitol.  And yes, I use a lot less sweetening than most recipes call for.  Just enough for a "hint" of sweetness. 



on August 19, 2015
at 08:11 PM

Thank you that's very helpful! It will not be baked, and I don't care about sweetness. I'm thinking nut butter is my best option


on August 15, 2015
at 01:10 AM

I'm nut free right now (AIP), but I used to make great snack bars with ground almonds, tahini, pumkpin seeds, and low sugar dried fruit like blueberries. The blueberries were just for flavor, not a binder like the dates. The ground almonds and tahini created the binder for the bars. Unsweetened shredded coconut should work well in the mix too. 



on August 16, 2015
at 04:38 PM

Thank you so much! Having a hard time finding recipes similar to this, hope I find one



on August 11, 2015
at 07:06 PM

Not what I'm looking for, thanks



on August 11, 2015
at 11:46 AM

Look into pemmican and jerky instead.

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