It was a contract nothing signed by

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The cops taking down the wealthiest Hells Angels Gerald getting a 14-year sentence and getting was nine years that pretty much sliced the head right of Hydra that there just wasn't leadership haven't seen anybody in that area I'd want to mangier to see my friends I don't see anybody me I'm seeing any patches along had the police not got a steep gold for somebody like you to be a more on the inside you really have to wonder how they would have gotten anyone on the inside it's happened maybe twice I think in the whole history love outlaw biker investigations in North America never happen in Canada Stephen got enters into the witness protection program taking with him a significant pay new who dole money me about million dollars but he .

Maximum Shred Will pay the price for ratting out the Hells Angels for the rest of his life to you almostexpect in return a permit it a lot of people have a lot of reasons for been pretty upset with our current I hope he does so the dice what's over the field this is still pretty the new this Halifax to them fishing town busy ports and the place to be if your business is drugs the Halifax Hells Angels have taken hold of the city shootings fights intimidation criminal assaults he was very violent they took control of the Halifax area the police are under pressure to bring down the ancients but they can't get inside until they catch a break an insider wants out Madrid to become familiar with the hold room it's a gamble for the police when the insiders a convicted criminal and a murder a complex .

Maximum Shred It was a contract nothing signed by I want you to kill home sometimes watt knowledge soccer game he's the only chance the cops have to take down the Halifax Hells Angels you're going to have to make a deal with dumb awesome in the mid 1990s the notorious kabackHells Angels move into Halifax to monopolize the drug market to the heat stroke they took over a small how a fax bike game and in three short years turn them into a Hells Angels chapter up heavy hitters they learned from these people while entrenched in organized crime in compact how to do business in a better way using violence and intimidation aback sky felid in aiding anyone who interferes with the Halifax angels control of the drug trade it sends message to the underworld the Hells Angels are clearly in control for two gain.


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