Can't Sleep in Darkness but Not Afraid of the Dark?

Answered on May 16, 2018
Created November 01, 2016 at 11:49 AM

I'm a teenage guy and I have severe insomnia. At least I think it's severe.

I usually fall asleep past 4 AM even when going to bed at 9 PM (I have a clock on my bedside to check). I even sometimes go to the bathroom at 4. I've tried white noise, room temperature, not checking the time, reading, no technology, doing maths homework, warm milk with honey, no other food before 8 PM and many others. Nothing works. It's been going on for 4 years now. I also have anxiety and have told my parents about my insomnia but we almost never go to the doctors so...

Anyway, I can easily fall asleep within several minutes anytime during the day, as long as my room is quite light. It's like I'm almost nocturnal or have intense jetlag. I also find it easier to sleep with the light on but dim yet I'm not afraid of the dark. It's also kind of awkward buying a night light at my age...

How can I cure my insomnia? Or should I just continue to sleep with my light on?

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4 Answers


on May 16, 2018
at 05:45 AM

If you have a T.V, use it. Turn it on at night, if you don't like sound while sleeping, mute your T.V. Let's say your parents don't want to spend more money on the electric bill, set a timer on your T.V to turn off at a certain time. You can also ask your parents if they could turn it off for you. Another option I personally do is listen to relaxing music, and before I fall asleep, I turn it off. I hope this helps, even though I'm like 3 years late. It's even more ironic that it's 1:35 AM.


on January 22, 2018
at 06:14 AM

Well hai. I have the same problem actually and what I do personally may or may not help. Basically I use string lights and melatonin. String lights aren’t embarrassing and they give off enough light for me to sleep but don’t give off enough to deprive me of any sleep. And melatonin is a natural supplement that helps with sleep. Anywhere within the dosage is healthy unless you’re like allergic or something. But anyway yea hope I helped and sleep well :) 




on November 23, 2016
at 11:52 AM

Sometimes fasting i the only thing that can reset the system to normal (and thus promote good sleep). Water fast can be a bit risky, especially if you don´t break the fast properly, and will deplete minerals like potassium. I find fasting on chlorella and coconut water very easy and effective. For example 3000 mg chlorella plus 1 cup coconut water every 3-4 hours for a few days or up to a week.


on November 22, 2016
at 10:43 PM

Try taking Natural Calm (magnesium supplement) mixed in tea an hour before bed. Dim the lights and read an hour before bed. No screen time when you're getting ready for bed. From what I've read, sleeping in pitch black darkness is best. It's all what your body gets used to. 

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