Please help me find my old self

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 09, 2012 at 3:08 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am trying so so hard to get my old self back and I really need advice.

I went through a hormonal storm with birth control- but since have gone back on and just waiting for things to settle and become normal.

My old self is feeling rested after 8-9 hrs sleep, jumping up out of bed, getting ready for a run or the gym, having energy throughout the day, feeling light on my feet, clothing fitting, defined abdominals, non puffy eyes and cheeks...

My life currently- wake up after 10hrs sleep and feel like I could sleep all day. No energy, don't want to get out of bed, bloated, swollen face and glands in throat, no desire to do makeup or hair (huge indicator for me) always tired...

My eating is the same - 50-100 g carbs, 110 g protein, rest fats. I have swapped all workouts for long steady walks as to not stress my body anymore.

I am desperate to find a way to feel normal again.

I know a doctor wil just say I'm depressed and need antidepressants. And I really don't want to do that.

Any help would mean a lot.




on September 15, 2012
at 05:46 AM

I know this is old, but this sounds a lot like thyroid to me: depression, facial edema, weight gain, swollen thyroid. This all happened to me, too. Felt like I devolved into a different person in a few short months. I switched to a a Ray Peat type of diet as a last resort and it helped immensely, pretty much eliminating all of the symptoms, when nothing else did.



on May 09, 2012
at 03:31 PM

When did it start? How long has it been going on? How long have you been Paleo? Have you talked to a doctor? If you need one, I can refer you to a good doctor. That sounds awful, but I don't really know what it can be...



on May 09, 2012
at 03:22 PM

IMHO, the swollen glands and bloating may indicate an infection of some sort. You may need to have some bloodwork done to see what is going on.



on May 09, 2012
at 03:22 PM

I second the suggestion to find a good naturopath or functional medicine practitioner and get some testing done. There could be a lot of different things going on, and while we could speculate (adrenal exhaustion, estrogen imbalance), it's safer to find out what's really happening inside you and not supplement willy-nilly, shooting in the dark. But GOOD FOR YOU for slowing down and taking some nice long walks. Rest and be kind to yourself. Women's hormones are...well...they're just a ton of fun, aren't they?! It can take a while for things to get back to balance, esp with going on/off BC.


on May 09, 2012
at 03:12 PM

Have you considered seeing an alternative doctor? It seems like what you're going through is pretty extreme and I am hesitant to give advice.

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2 Answers



on May 10, 2012
at 02:15 AM

Go to the doctor. Insist that this is not normal for you. I looked at your previous question and it really seems like you are going through something. Depression isn't a destination diagnosis and don't let the doctor convince you that it is. It might be one symptom of some larger health problem. I really hope you find some answers and my heart goes out to you for what you are going through.

Keep reaching out! Reach out as much as you need! This isn't in your head. It is real and painful and you deserve comfort and care.



on May 10, 2012
at 02:23 AM

"I can sleep long and still feel tired" sounds a lot like I did before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I would consider going to the doctor and specifically asking about thyroid issues. And yes, back then I was put on an antidepressant long before they did a thyroid test. Yet it sounds physical.

Another idea -- how well are you sleeping? Is your sleep disturbed at all? Alcohol before bed, computers before bed, and too much caffeine can all throw off your sleep. Magnesium helps me to sleep well and deeply, I take the dose suggested on the bottle.

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