I don't feel rested.

Answered on October 20, 2013
Created October 20, 2013 at 9:09 AM

Lately I have not been getting the best quality of sleep, and I am not sure why this is. In a 7 hour sleep, I end up waking up 3-4 times and this makes me feel groggy in the morning and within 4-5 hours I am sleeping again. Any idea why this is happening and how can I solve it?

Diet: My diet is decent. I eat paleo 80% of the time. My morning is usually some kind of protein usually. Lunch is either chicken or fish with a salad and I eat most my carbs at night which is usually white rice. I drink one cup of black coffee in the morning. I do have the occasional dark chocolate or piece of fruit throughout the day.

Activity: I strength train 4 times a week, run a 5-10k once a week and the rest of the days I go on long walks. Other than that I am glued to a computer screen due to my job&hobby. Can't help that part, but I don't look at the computer an hour before going to bed.

Misc: I have no stresses in life, I am enjoying every aspect of it. I even meditate 20 minutes a day in the morning. But I won't lie this whole sleep thing is kinda getting me stressed. I made my room pitch dark, this helped a little bit but hasn't completely eradicated the problem.

I live in Dubai, hence I get my fair share of sunlight.

I have tweaked all the things I can think of.

This has been happening for about 10-14 days now, and I have never felt this way. I am 20 years old but I don't feel like it with this grogginess.

Any suggestions, experiments or tips are welcome.


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on October 20, 2013
at 10:25 AM

Try supplementing magnesium. Low levels in soil means that most people are chronically deficient, and it can really help with sleep stuff .

Also check to see if you have any blood sugar issues. Hypoglycaemia can keep you up at night. On a related note so can too few calories and some people also find low carb does too. Eating carbs in in the evening as you are may help, but it could be that actually increasing the quantity is necessary. Try starchy veg like sweet potato, taro, etc. instead of just rice - they are more nutritious.

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