How well do older hunter gatherers heal?

Answered on October 16, 2013
Created October 16, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Do we know what impact a Paleo lifestyle has on aging? In particular, how will our ability to heal change as we get older? Most Neolithic humans lose the ability to heal by the 50s or 60s almost completely. Bones start decalcifying by 30s and by that point any breaks will probably only minimally repair. More significantly, nerves almost completely stop regenerating so if you damage one, chances are you'll only regain minimal functionality if that.

I've noticed that by this age many Neolithics stop sleeping well, meaning they never really reach the deepest levels of sleep where nerve generation really occurs. They stop eating as well too. My father, an Internist, suspects that there's a lot of closet Gastroparesis in older people as he sees it in his patients. It's so common that we don't diagnose it as a disorder anymore - it's just aging! So I can't help but wonder whether a Paleo lifestyle can address these problems.

Are we pre-ordained to lose our ability to sleep and thus heal as we get older or is it simply the result of a lifetime of poor sleep hygiene, lack of exercise, and diet? That is, it seems to me that it is just a stepping stone on to the way of chronic diseases of old age and if we believe that we are able to prevent that last step then perhaps we can also prevent the one right before it and I'd like to know if there is any evidence of this.

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on October 16, 2013
at 11:41 PM

I disagree - if we give our bodies a good proper and complete nutrition, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and that does not stop even at old age. The problem is that so many have poorly maintained their bodies and therefore they will suffer for it. Therefore, if you find out how to eat properly and do it, also avoiding toxic 'foods', you will feel improvement, healing and even some regeneration.

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on October 16, 2013
at 10:49 PM

"lack of exercise, and diet"

When properly fed and let off my leash, I've been able to reverse the aging trend I was stuck in. I'm in better shape than most of my age group and Paleo has played a big part in it.



on October 16, 2013
at 07:40 PM

i would imagine the best we can do from a natural perspective is maintain our body well, humans arnt designed to live forever(limit 120~ish) and evolution wasnt terribly concearned with keeping us in ideal shape after we get past reproductive age.

in short, no. take care of yourself, then rely on ze science!

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