High night time cortisol -ideas to lower? EMF?

Answered on February 28, 2015
Created August 25, 2014 at 10:45 PM

I've tried everything and my high night time cortisol confirmed by ASI tests, nocturia, and various other sleep problems will not go away. Things I've tried -several types of meditation -high carb -low carb -moderate carb -various supplements including holy basil, other adaptogens, valerian root, ...more i can't remember -low protein -dehydration -morning walks outdoors -etc I have good sleep hygiene USUALLY. dim the lights, avoid comp/tv etc. cool room. I even wear those orange glasses. Any other ideas? One thing that I haven't made a great effort with is grounding/emf avoidance. I was reading some about that. It looks like EMF can prevent melatonin from rising, and melatonin opposes cortisol? How do I go about grounding myself. I've listened to Jack Kruse podcasts but can't understand anything he is talking about. Is it as simple as unplugging my WIFI? Turning off all electricity? Do I need a grounding mat? I live in a condo, am I screwed? Also my bed is close to the electric box on the outside of the condo, am I super screwed?


on August 25, 2014
at 10:46 PM

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on February 28, 2015
at 09:34 PM

I have suffered from very high cortisol for about 5 years and went to top specialists for treatment and just this year I finally am getting my cortisol down. The things that I was doing on a daily basis were driving my hormones out of whack. What I'd recommend is avoid low carb dieting,  because low carb will raise cortisol. Also, too low calorie will also raise cortisol s keep the cals at a healthy range. Sleep on a regular schedule if you can. And most importantly,  DONT over exercise! I was doing 3 hrs or more of cardio a day and it ruined me. Anything over an hour is pointless and will get your cortisol through the roof. High impact exercise like running also does the same thing,  so keep your exercise and a more moderate exertion level. Doing these things in combination plus spending more time relaxing will help get your cortisol way down. Good luck :)

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