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Answered on September 07, 2015
Created September 04, 2015 at 2:36 PM

I'm 24, 6'1, 150 lbs, and I tend to eat pretty healthy (little to no grains/gluten, limit dairy intake except for raw dairy occassionally, grassfed/wild meats, vegetables, occassional cheat meals like a teriyaki bowl once or twice a week, etc...). About two years ago I had a throat infection that enlarged my tonsils and required me to take a course of antibiotics to treat. That is when I believe I started having breath issues. The enlarged tonsils allowed odor causing bacteria to find a nice home and produce tonsil stones in the crypts of my tonsils.

No matter how much I brush, floss, and scrape my tongue, the odor eventually returns. I feel very confidently that it is a bacterial imbalance in my mouth/GI tract. I say this because I've taken about 3 courses of antibiotics that I can remember. Most recently, I had a tonsillectomy a month ago to remove my large cryptic tonsils which I thought were the source of my halitosis. During the first 7 days while on antibiotics, my breath was normal for once. No smell, no nothing. It was amazing. I thought I was cured and my tonsils were the source. Of course after the 7 day course of antibiotics were up, and after I was completely healed, my halitosis returned with a vengeance. This makes me think that the antibiotics suppressed the odor causing bacteria temporarily, but they repopulated after my course was done, and may even be stronger now due to the fact that they weren't destroyed.

I've been taking garden of life 50 billion men's probiotcs, gargling with peroxide, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, therabreath mouthwash, and I even bought oral chewable flora probiotic tablets...They all help a little bit, but it never lasts longer than a couple hours before my breath starts to return to its poopy self.

I was hoping some of you would have some advice? Perhaps a way to balance the flora as I believe this is a contributing factor. You wouldn't know how much bad breath can affect your confidence and relationships until you get it. It's hard to stay positive when everyone I know my age eats junk, drinks, and partys, yet many have perfect skin and no health issues, and here I've been actively trying for years to optimize my health, but my efforts seem to be futile as I also have acne, tinea versicolor, joint pain, suffer from migraines, sleeping issues, allergies (these started at the same time about two years ago), and embarassingly had a two cases of hemmorhoids. I just feel like I shouldn't have these issues in the prime of my life...

Anyways, thanks for reading this and I would appreciate any help.

p.s. I don't drink, smoke, or ingest caffeine.


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on September 07, 2015
at 06:12 PM

I always thought seed oils (sesame included) are bad for you and not Paleo. I read it from one of the Weston Price books. Would olive oil work?



on September 06, 2015
at 05:32 PM

You need to replace the bad flora with good flora.  If it happens to be candida, you'll see your tonuge is coated white, if it's really bad it will be the consistency of cream cheese even, you can get rid of it with oil pulls made of dark sesame oil.  You'd put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth (coconut will not work if it's candida), and swish it around your mouth sort of like a mouth wash for at least 10 minutes, then spit it out in the trash.  (Don't spit it down a drain, oil will clog your plumbing.)

You might want to then eat fermented foods right after to fill the void, for example kefir, or yogurt, or kraut will work, otherwise other pathogenic bacteria will fill that niche.

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