Hacking Sleep/Jet Lag with Food/Drink

Answered on October 05, 2012
Created October 05, 2012 at 8:12 AM

I'm curious to know what everyone's tricks are for keeping their circadian rhythm on track. For me, I find that just a half a cup of tea before bed means I wake up in the morning having to pee badly enough that I HAVE to get out of bed, and then I'm up for the day! But it's not so much that I wake up in the middle of the night.

Also recently I read (sorry, Idk where) that for jet lag if you fast 12-16 hours before your "breakfast" meal, it resets your body clock faster than adjusting just your sleep pattern, or makes the assist if you just can't get to sleep.

Have you tried something like this? What works for you?

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on October 05, 2012
at 06:40 PM

For travel, I've found a few things. These are especially true for really long flights/commutes (I've done two trans-Atlantic flights and a few other cross country flights in the last couple months).

  1. Fasting. If you regularily fast, simply time your next one for the flight time. It's a perfect time to get some sleep and relax as many systems of the body as possible. If you don't fast, I wouldn't recommend trying it for the first time though as you will be in a new environment without some necessities.

  2. Environment. The biggest cause of unrest in this type of thing is usually because of environmental changes. Different surroundings, lack of routine, changes in climate, air pressure, etc...it can wreak havoc on someone. This is especially true for someone used to the same routine from a week to week, day to day basis. Those who are most optimal tend to be affected the most.

What I tend do to is eat a very satiating and quality meal before a long flight. If I'm flying in the morning, I'll definitely make sure I have a great dinner the night before and something like, but calorie-dense in the morning. Bulletproof Coffee is perfect. I'll then use the travel time to clear my mind, get some rest and avoid any need to really tax my body. For someone who usually gets constipated and interrupted in "normalness" during travel, I have this pretty much down to a T.


on October 05, 2012
at 06:09 PM

Well I don't fly that often anymore and don't have a reason to test this theory out but I know on bulletproof executive he swears by using a earthing mat. To reset circadian rhythm. A cheap way of doing it would be to stand on some grass or I found another cheap way is to take a cold shower. Please don't take my word for it to your own research and come to your own conclusions



on October 05, 2012
at 03:25 PM

When I travel between US and UK, I won't sleep on the plane (mostly, because I can't). It results in an extra long day, and by the time night rolls around in whichever time zone, I have no problems going to sleep.

Not sure on jet lag within the US though! :)

I don't have the sleep/pee issue unless I take too much magnesium before bed.



on October 05, 2012
at 03:15 PM

Stay up until 9pm in whatever time zone you're in. Try to have your main meal before you go to bed. I tend to fast for most of the travelling day, because I'm diabetic and I can't eat airline food.

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