for sleep, gaba and l-theanine help me...what are natural ways to improve their levels?

Asked on October 29, 2012
Created October 29, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Hi all, I've been taking phosphatidyl serine, GABA, and L-Theanine to improve sleep with good results.

However, can anyone help hack my diet to improve them? Or make suggestions about what I can eat or change (say, timing of meals or combinations of foods) to improve the levels of these amino acids?

Phosphatidyl serine source - Brain...don't know where to find this one. asked my farmer and he said the way they kill the cow preludes selling brain or sweetbreads (thymus gland)

1) L-theanine source ? 2) GABA source?

3) It is safe to take l-theanine and gaba every day?

Sometimes I skip breakfast, sometimes not. I try to have beef bone broth with every meal now, usually with some squash, kale, carrots or other veggies.

If I do have bone broth in the morning, i'll throw 2-3 egg yolks in there.

Lunch: soup or a salad, with bone broth. about 3.5 ounce serving of fish, chicken or beef with some greens. 2 brazil nuts and maybe some homemade yogurt. sometimes a piece of fruit, sometimes not.

Dinner: more soup + salad greens + beef + more egg yolks + yogurt or kim-chi. I find I usually need a carb by this time and so some potato/sweet potato is necessary. sometimes a piece of fruit with dinner. I've found if I eat too heavy before dinner, I usually don't sleep well.

4) If I followed the advice of this thread:


maybe a potato before sleep would help? Anyone have experience with this?


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