First Paleo Winter

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 23, 2010 at 12:24 PM

This is my first Paleo winter. I have noticed that it takes me longer to fall off to sleep because once I get into bed my feet are really cold - And only once I get my feet a a little warm will I get comfortable. I do not remember this happening earlier. I am wondering is it fat loss that has made me more vulnerable to outside temperatures or is it something else. Does anyone have any experience with this situation? I do not use heat in the house - the street temperature in my area is around 48 degrees and inside the house is around 55. I use a thick cotton filled duvet/comforter.

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on December 23, 2010
at 01:35 PM

Cold feet are sometimes related to thyroid function. A low salt diet (commercial salt has iodine added) could be responsible for this. A solution could be supplementing with some iodine, or better just eating more plants from the sea (like kelp, nori, arame) or just more fish and seafoods. (Richard Nikoley at freetheanimal has a post on this subject, search his site)

Adding muscle mass seems to help, and taking cold showers (ah, I love those...) have made me quite tolerant for cold.

I've got the impression that going barefoot, or wearing minimalist shoes with lots of room for toe and foot movement are usefull too. Maybe less restriction of bloodflow or something.

Hope this helps



on December 23, 2010
at 01:14 PM

My non-paleo solution to cold feet is a cloth bag filled with whole dry corn, rice or flax seed and heated in the microwave. I actually keep a microwave in my upstairs bathroom for this purpose only. My MIL used to heat up a brick on the wood stove and wrap it in cloth to tuck in with the children. I've been paleo for a year but I still get cold feet if the floors are cold. If you do not sew, you can fill up a cotton sock with the corn and tie it off with a cotton string.



on December 23, 2010
at 06:36 PM

Yes, it does have to do with your fat loss. I have a naturally small frame and have always been on the lean side. I can tell you that I am always cold compared to my less-lean friends even in the same environment, and limbs are especially affected.

So here is an fun experiment: try humming! What I mean is sitting comfortably and humming "MMMMMM" on very long out-breaths over and over for maybe 5 minutes. My guess is that your limbs will warm right up. I had forgotten that this worked for me in the past until reading the Mark's Daily Apple recent post on breathing exercises.


on December 23, 2010
at 12:27 PM

Can you go to bed with socks on? Or get a hot water bottle and put it at the foot of the bed? Or maybe a heated blanket?

I am perpetually cold after my weight loss (111 lbs). I used to always be hot. I especially notice that I get cold when I am tired, even if it's very hot out. I thought my body might eventually adjust to the new weight, but it really hasn't. It may have slightly improved since eating Paleo, but it's definitely still there.

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