Eczema, Acne, Gas, Bloating, Sleep trouble....Is AIP the solution????

Answered on July 08, 2014
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I am hoping for some help with my situation, anyone have a similar situation or some insight?

About me:

I have been dealing with severe eczema on my hands for the last 9 months.It has only spread and gotten worse since then. If I eat something that my body does not like, I get REALLY painfully itchy on my thighs and arms and hands to the point where I need to take an antihistamine. Additionally, I have bad acne and scarring on my cheeks and jawlines that has only gotten worse over the past year (I use the Oil Cleansing method and black african soap for washing my face). I use products recommended in the skintervention guide for hands and hair and moisturize my dry itchy hands with a homemade tallow balm. Additionally, I have been experiencing bad gas FAR too often. It smells awful and happens sometimes as soon as a few minutes after I eat.

About my diet: I try and stick to a paleo diet with parts of AIP (avoiding eggs, paprika, eggplant, tomatoes). While eating at home I cook meat and vegetables and have some fruit. But eating out, I find myself splurging on white potatoes, gluten free treats with rice flour and dark chocolate). I also drink about 1.5 cups of almond milk a day. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with IBS and basically told food cannot help my symptoms. After eliminating dairy I have had WAY less diarrhea. My stools in the morning are still a bit loose but nothing like before. Energy not that great. Difficult falling and staying asleep.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Experiencing something similar? I am wondering if I should implement the AIP and truly stick to it to see if that will help. I am just so ready to stop feeling awful :(

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on July 08, 2014
at 02:41 AM

Do an elimination diet. A great guide: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/elimination-diet

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