The problems were literally mean absolute world

Asked on June 25, 2014
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The problems were literally mean absolute world to me in this video pretty much for me through my entry on what I wrote to them too you know trying get this in the bag I need to run a better campaign Catboats kayaks because there's some EU to for women in this competition and I just typed it as kid Fe however not topazes the final encore just and you know if I don't win I???m happy for you to end because your customers on we all have a reason for 120competition and what so pasha everyone at that silly me joking and yeah though I read your branching out you know what we do I justkinda day what I said to them oh yeah and the way this works a honey that people who got the most votes cast the final 10 and end table tennis going into the final 10 and the person who normal some passes and interview in going to be then faith a company on the price is incredible the crime is five thousand-year-old workers treatment RP on thousand-year past guy for my cue skiver: people are these Eye Luminous families get an incredible comer and for me videos because when I caraway I do intend on your keeping this a coma actually all in teaching because I love it so much and so passionate about and I???m ok media and you know connecting with everyone share information sharing to and share my life I just look and black folks with that money will go work so if you vote for me you vote for that China I'm that would mean the world to me on the raga so distracted don't know why did I put my face like this okay so I believe I should be facing fact before a variety of good reason I???m self-professed YouTube sass it's my passion it's my hobby Hun recently started mine YouTube page which have so far been really successful run Obama???s a family thousand use now kind my god and in the first few months which is on your I am sorry to touch my hair never and are it's grown really quickly.


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