Hopped out for the powder so anyways

Asked on June 23, 2014
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Hopped out for the powder so anyways you guys I hope this was helpful for you oily skin gala held at the test are useful to you as you are shopping for on long-wearing while controlling foundations he'll remember those lot papers past hotter and also investing in something like Scandinavia I after going to Katie???s like quarantine or shine on fist anything really house and I???m just still has easily comic love you any questions and you get a lot of consecration some gal on time hey we listen what do you think and I just want to see this video actually just get it out there on at a large wear rental cars are on the same day works miracles for me I really think you find the right foundation the right time and the right powders on you will not harm problems coming of I past said the so much for watching I hope you guys have a great day hidey there you can see that I already have makeup on my face and it's on DVD 80 other at night so it was a vote to remove this may go and I also ended 0 me too.

Working me committed to it but this holiday makeup so you can get that note on which candidate so since I am going to remove them a go back to show you my night day skincare routine special even maybe it's very I have so much your heavy makeup on my face play due to remove makeup play closer look you can see I have hairy I am me girl and actually it's so pretty that they don't feel like taking it off I just want to keeping on fire along their name but since Le Fair Ageless Skin I???m about to sleep so I'm going to remove it let you know that sins and making the false lashes and I usually Israel???s male Ethos so the post and then I'm going to do is be a hole in May lash in my own car nut and just going to the lake and remove it you can see I hacked both the ashes inky head and they are fighting is television would give you one day what they think of me as just taking them back in their last box John be a tactic condemned and I came there later on they may want to use them but the next day sea-based.


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