Sweat rash with training and eating clean paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 02, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Hi all, A quick question in regards to a sweat rash and accompanying redness of the skin when in heavy periods of training. The effect diminishes when I go back to eating SAD style and drop the training off. Im guessing as im eating clean paleo it is not diet related so it must be the exercise. The majority of the rash is situated on the lower back just above the hip and moves around to the obvious places, knee, elbow and armpit creases etc. Any hacks on how to get rid of this happening as I simply can't back the training off as it relates to my job.


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3 Answers


on May 07, 2012
at 04:03 AM

Low carb, high fat diet may cause reduced imunnity to fungal infections via several mechanisms (cholesterol increase, ketones production) Read here http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?p=4066 and here http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?page_id=8


on June 11, 2012
at 05:10 PM

I have no answer, but have this same problem. I did an elimination diet and, like OP said, found that it will vanish with a return to the SAD diet, but no elimination of eggs or other paleo foods did the trick.



on February 02, 2012
at 01:09 PM

Not all Paleo foods are good for everyone, me and eggs have a bit of an issue. Maybe figure out if one of your foods is dorking you up. I also get that with laundry det that have dye and purfumes.

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