Skin Tingles After Eating Poultry

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 01, 2013 at 9:21 PM

I'm coming from a low-protein vegan diet (worst health decision I ever made) I've begun reintroducing all kinds of meats, and I'm starting to see health improvements, but every time I eat poultry (so far just chicken and turkey) I experience a slightly uncomfortable skin tingling over my upper body, arms, and face about 30-45 minutes after consumption. There is no redness or anything visual. It happens with or without eating of the skin. And it happens consistently. I can't help thinking it must be indicative of something. Before my year stint as a vegan I ate poultry regularly, so I doubt it's an allergy. My first thought was omega-6 or maybe something with going on with liver detoxification???

Anyone have this experience, or ideas?

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on March 06, 2013
at 02:32 AM

Have you perhaps run afowl of a local avian witchdoctor?



on January 01, 2013
at 10:40 PM

Your paleo super-sensory powers are developing nicely!

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3 Answers


on January 01, 2013
at 09:37 PM

You can develop an intolerance where you didn't have one previously.

You may be particularly sensitive to what the chicken ate. I'd try getting your poultry from multiple sources and finding out what each sources feed them.


on July 14, 2013
at 11:50 PM

it could be niacin...just a guess.


on March 06, 2013
at 01:20 AM

I have this happen all the time and Ive never stopped eating poultry for a large amount of time. I think this more common then we think but I still like to know what the chemical reaction is .

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