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Answered on May 26, 2013
Created April 12, 2013 at 8:36 PM

I have been dabblin in paleo (80:20) for about 2 years now and finally got strict with it in last 4 months (ie: no gluten, only grass-fed, pasture-raised meat products). Mostly because I've moved to farm land that makes the lifestyle more convenient. Needless to say I am feeling awesome lately and learning so much about my gut health (probiotics, bone broth, and a little betaine have done WONDERS) and lack thereof in the past.

Sadly, my skin has been affected by a discoloration of sorts. This has been persisting since the summer (10 months ago) and on top of it I'm having a gay old time with a recent poison ivy encounter (highly allergic) all over my arms.

I'm trying to find more natural remedies for such ailments but I may have to find a good dermatologist. The problem is I don't want gut killing antibiotics and steroidal creams wreaking havoc on everything else.

Any suggestions for finding a good dermatologist or healthy remedies would be AMAZING.

*PS: Primaldocs.com and paleo physicians network has nothing in terms of dermatologist that I have seen.



on May 26, 2013
at 08:50 PM

Mike: I want to share that I cannot do ANY dairy or my skin become inflamed. I live on a ranch (retired now, grew up with it working) in the Ozark Mtns. We have ALL MANNER of toxic pests, vegetation, etc. Since being off grains, off nightshades, garlic, citrus but most importantly: DAIRY, my skin does better on its own but also when exposed to these toxins. I hope that helps.



on April 13, 2013
at 01:42 AM

holy cow Mike. There's a couple of threads on here for tinea versicolor. I've also seen a few threads pop occasionally saying that lard is awesome for skin conditions, if you have access to some good quality.



on April 12, 2013
at 10:57 PM

After much review: It looks like I have textbook tinea versicolor, aggravated probably buy the recent poison ivy. It's actually in more places than I thought (I must not be too conceited). To complicate this there may be some ringworm to boot, probably from the itching I shouldn't be doing. Protocol: Increase zinc consumption Knock out all dairy (even my beloved kerrygold cheese) Increase bone broth frequency Increase fermented food frequency Exfoliate Use dermal coconut oil Don't over clean body and allow skin to heal Get some sun Thoughts?

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on May 26, 2013
at 11:13 PM

How did you go with this mike? I had the same thing happen after starting paleo, tinea/candida/ringworm attack and not sure what set it off. I also tried everything you listed above and at first it got A LOT worse over a couple of weeks and was pretty upsetting, but then it seemed like over a few days it just disappeared from my arms and back! Still battling it on my face but I think makeup and cleansing often isn't helping there.


on April 12, 2013
at 10:58 PM

Essential oils work great! I just started using them about a month ago with amazing results. There was a local class in my area, but there is all kinds of info on the net too. I use doTerra as they seem to me the most potent and organic. Rose, Lavendar, Frankincense.... start your research:)

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