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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 22, 2013 at 2:53 AM

Ever since going on paleo I have been much more health conscious in all kinds of ways. I'm sleeping more and trying to take better care of my skin. I have been using a normal moisturizing lotion to try to keep my skin healthy and young. Lately I have heard that any moisturizer with alcohol is bad for your skin long term. I also heard that to stay young looking you need to use some sort of firming product to maintain elasticity. I spent an hour at CVS the other day trying to find an alcohol free moisturizer. My philosophy is the fewer the ingredients the better and all the moisturizers in CVS have like 100 ingredients I can't pronounce. Does anyone know any good moisturizers which are alcohol free and will help you look better long term, not just short term? How about an anti aging face and/or eye cream?



on July 02, 2014
at 03:39 AM

I have been using PCA skin products recently. Their products don't contain alcohol or harmful ingredients and they are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. I like their Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30, I use it as a moisturizer and it has hyaluronic acid so it's a little on the pricey side but it lasts a long time and it is well worth it. PCA Skin is a very well known company so you have to be careful because there are allot of counterfeit products being sold that are not nearly as good.



on February 22, 2013
at 05:44 AM

By "firming," do you mean an astringent?


on February 22, 2013
at 03:42 AM

If possible please link to specific products you know work, thanks!

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on February 22, 2013
at 03:48 AM

Coconut oil. It moisturizes skin like no other oil (and it smells good too!).



on February 22, 2013
at 02:57 AM

Raw shea butter, raw cocoa butter and expeller pressed coconut oil. You can find the shea butter and cocoa butter on Amazon (conventional lotions claiming to have these ingredients are usually also loaded with chemical crap.)

Shea butter works best on my skin, but raw cocoa butter smells HEAVENLY! I don't use coconut oil too much since it's greasier than the other 2 options.


on February 22, 2013
at 05:59 AM

Check out vintagetraditon.com . I bought some grassfed tallow balm there that I really like (the nearly fragrance free one which contains tallow, olive oil and essential oils). The site also tells you how to make it.

Also check out www.skindeep.com for safety ratings for popular personal care products.


on February 22, 2013
at 10:33 PM

I love Booda Organics Booda Butter!



on February 22, 2013
at 04:45 PM

Best skin moisturizer hands down is Sunkissed. It's made with Camelina oil. High in Vitamin E with Omega 3's to rebuild cell walls, heal scaring, relieves and can cure eczema. Better than Coconut oil. More absorbing, doesn't leave you oily. It's pure silky healing.

A little goes a long way, and it's grown organically in the USA. Great company too. I buy lots of their products.

Sunkissed Camelina Body Oil



on February 22, 2013
at 03:45 PM

Here's a recipe that I like more than plain coconut oil:


Varying the amount of beeswax or cocoa butter can change the texture to resemble lotion, body butter, or lip balm, but it's all good to rub everywhere.


on February 22, 2013
at 03:20 PM

I use coconut oil in the shower on my skin almost every day.

I also use it in my hair every couple of weeks as a moisturizer. I apply it on my dry hair, and leave it in for around 20 minutes, then rinse it out. It leaves my hair soft with a healthy shine.


on February 22, 2013
at 12:40 PM

ive found cocnut oil to be really good, but if i wear it on a sunny day it helps sun damage, along with any other oil iver ever used but coconut oil moreso, great tanning oil, although tanning=damaged skin

ive found its best to eat lots of fat & then not need to moisturize

pig lard is great*strong text* but smells bad


on February 22, 2013
at 12:37 PM

I use several different products, sandalwood oil, rose oil, neroli oil {all essential oils blended with jojoba oil}. I also love coconut oil! Good luck!


on February 22, 2013
at 08:33 AM

Coconut oil is brilliant for moisturizing.



on February 22, 2013
at 03:49 AM

Rose hip seed oil and plain old olive oil are both fantastic moisturizers.


on February 22, 2013
at 03:40 AM

I use aloe. Lily of the Desert and Fruit of the Earth are the two brands I use.





on February 22, 2013
at 03:21 AM

i use coconut oil after i shower every day. i also put some tea tree oil on because of some pimples.



on February 22, 2013
at 02:58 AM

I use cosmetic-grade grapeseed oil. A thin layer after washing morning and night keeps me clear, but not too greasy under my mineral make-up.

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