Miraculous skin changes on super low carb diet

Asked on May 07, 2019
Created September 16, 2013 at 6:04 PM

I've been on an almost-no-carb diet for about a month and a half now and my skin is changing a LOT. Stretch marks, scars, eczema, acne, discoloration, even keloid scars are diminishing all over my body! My facial skin is getting to the point where I almost look better without foundation on than I do with, just like it did when I was in my mid teens... The only problem I've noticed is when I have more than around 10-15g of carbs in one day, the skin problems start to come back. It's not really much of a problem though, since that's easily avoided ;)

So, is anybody else's skin experiencing a second coming?

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on May 17, 2016
at 01:51 PM

I have the same problem with my skin. I think I'm intolerant to certain carbs. ie: white flour and sugar. When I am low carbing it my dry skin problem clears up and I get my healthy glow back..

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on May 17, 2016
at 11:41 PM

Yes, indeed. My lifelong psoriasis has nearly vanished after going on a ketogenic diet. I don't know if it's the ketosis or the other things I excluded though (beef, nightshdes, fruit). I'm hesitant to try changing either one though because I'm still reveling in having clear skin. I've attached a before and after photo spanning a three week period in which I did a 5 day water fast, 5 days of green juice (no fruit added) and bone broth, and then a very low carb diet. I quit caffeine in there somewhere too. miraculous-skin-changes-on-super-low-carb-diet


on December 17, 2014
at 04:22 AM

I had several skin issues that completely disappeared when I started eating Paleo. I had keratosis pilaris ("chicken skin") on the backs of my arms and it disappeared. I have vitiligo and it almost completely stopped advancing and in some areas reversed. I used to get hangnails but no more. I never get dry skin any more even in the dead of winter.

The Paleo diet is also a low inflammation diet. Inflammation can show up as skin conditions. Healthier skin also indicates better overall health. Enjoy!



on September 16, 2013
at 06:36 PM

I never had too many issues, but a friend of mine had some interesting results. Oddly enough, it wasn't from decreasing carbs, but increasing fats. He was coming around to my paleo way of thinking and changed up his breakfast to eggs and turkey sausage, but started feeling a bit pained, like his gall bladder was acting up. I told him to switch to bacon and his symptoms cleared up in a few days. Surprisingly, his dry flaky skin on his legs, which he'd had all his life, cleared up. After about 8 months of eating higher fat, he did a little experiment and lowered his fat content. Within a week, his dry skin came back. He now is on the fat train full tilt (and he's losing weight!)

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