Eat skin for healthy skin?

Commented on July 24, 2015
Created April 15, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Is it true that eating skin (fish, chicken) will improve your own skin?

(not looking for knee-jerk responses please).



on April 17, 2014
at 12:34 AM

I'm glad my skin can provide a testament to the goodness of ... well, SKIN! Eat up! If you want to try something delicious, have a salmon skin salad next time you are at an asian restaurant (just have them leave off the dressing, there is enough avocado in these salads to make them perfect as they are). It's total heaven for a crispy skin lover!



on April 17, 2014
at 12:32 AM

@BobK yes- my skin is unique in my family! It's weird- I'm latina- 1/2 mexican 1/2 puerto rican, and my skin is extremely pale, even though I am a garden designer and spend most of my time in the sun with little sunscreen. And I've eaten the skin and the fatty bits since I was a child - possibly encouraged by the Puerto Rican side of my family, who all prize the crispy pork skin (its cultural - pork ears and skin off roasts - delectable!).The other women in my family think I'm a freak of nature because they age normally and I'm aging backwards, esp since getting rid of processed foods!



on April 16, 2014
at 11:36 PM

And to follow up on that....@ivymcivy do you have sisters or close relatives who don't eat skin and their skin suffers for it?



on April 16, 2014
at 12:10 PM

Lol, this is the type of n=1 I was looking for!

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on April 16, 2014
at 06:30 AM

I have fantastic skin. The kind of skin that people comment regularly on. I have also always LOVED eating skin - especially pork and salmon - but now duck is becoming my favorite. I don't have evidence beyond my own skin, but I know that I'm keeping this habit, and feeling good about it! When women my age pass up chicken skin, then ask me what I use on my skin I laugh and ask for the crispy goodness they are leaving on their plates!



on April 16, 2014
at 12:10 PM

Lol, this is the type of n=1 I was looking for!



on May 10, 2015
at 05:51 PM

Hi Ivymcivy, 

you said you receive compliments on your skin regularly. 

I also think eating animal skin would be good for human skin but I would like to ask what age your skin is, please?



on April 17, 2014
at 07:16 AM

The collagen protein, or gelatin/glycine, can improve skin health. Skin contains collagen but I think that gelatin powder would be the easiest source.








on July 24, 2015
at 12:43 AM

 Something to this theory, I think. Have you heard any suggestions for dosages of total glycine and/or gelatin?

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on April 16, 2014
at 10:43 AM

Fish that contains omega 3s are really helpful for skin. Some of the fishes like tuna, salmon, anchovies which are oily are one of the best source for healthy skin. Fish oil contains DHA that protects skin and keep it wrinkle free.

It also provides EPA, which prevents skin from sun.

Nutritious food is vital for the skin to look healthy. Many skin care tips includes healthy and nutritious diet as an important element to keep the skin healthy.

Sea Food is rich in selenium. This is the mineral that protects from radical damage. It also prevents skin from skin cancer.

Some of the useful tips for gaining healthy skin:

1) Make grilled fish tacos.

2) Grilled scallops, Shrimp, or crab

3) Canned tuna or salmon for sandwiches in place of deli meats.


on April 15, 2014
at 03:51 PM

I've noticed better skin from eating fish in general but especially fish with skin, I've heard that pig skin soup taken daily can help give you good skin, but that you have to have a little bit daily. Totally anecdotal though. I personally feel that some broth daily, and plenty of liver are the best skin foods. Also HIIT outdoors with fresh air!

The best dietary induced skin change i've noticed is when i gorged on pork belly & chocolate after doing fasted HIIT sprints then slept for 12 hours, the next day my skin looked great and i had that plumped look on my cheeks & my usually skinny hands were nice & plump. I'm not advocating people try to recreat that but it was literally an overnight transformation, it only lasted a day but made me think that diet could help keep subcutaneous fat thick & plump, i haven't been able to recreate it since, i just can't justify eating that much protein & sugar in one sitting!



on April 15, 2014
at 03:02 PM

"There is growing scientific evidence that the health, well-being and the attractiveness of the skin are strongly influenced by nutrition.... Twelve vitamins and nine minerals were recognized as essential. The minerals include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, potassium and sodium." ~ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22712689

Chicken skin and Pork skin are high in selenium, fairly minor in others.

Salmon Skin is high in Phosphoruus, Selenium, Potassium, and decent in Magnesium (as well ask Niacin, B12, and B6)

Shrimp with skin seems to be pretty good in copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, and Iron (as well as Vitamin D).

Duck is pretty dominate across the board, but I cannot find a skin on/ skin off comparison, so it may be just the meat....

I guess the question, and a question I am not going to waste time researching, is whether you are deficient in any of those vitamins and/or minerals. But crustacean and fish skin seem to be the most nutrient dense. Ultimately I see no reason to avoid animal skin -- but also no reason to seek out eating just skin...

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