Dry Winter Skin Care and Canola Oil in Moisturizer

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 05, 2011 at 8:22 PM

I use jojoba, coconut oil and squalene topically (jojoba & squalene on face and body, coconut on body because makes my face red) -- but wanted extra help for the dry cold winter NYC air which always dries my skin out. I just received a 10% vitman e moisturizer from the same company I buy my vitamin e from (I open the capsules and apply to face sometimes but too oily for daytime use). I unfortunately did not read the ingredients carefully before purchasing because I saw macadamia nut oil and jojoba but missed canola oil. I would never eat canola oil in a million years and realize the skin absorbs oils -- so any thoughts on how bad it would be to use a moisturizer with canola oil as one of many ingredients?? There is 10% vitamin E in it to help prevent oxidation plus I will mix in my own ascorbic acid as well. Thoughts on how evil canola oil would be in a moisturizer?



on January 10, 2013
at 02:52 PM

This question might provide some alternatives: http://paleohacks.com/questions/43423/better-skin-quality-of-the-skin



on January 10, 2013
at 02:32 PM

(This answer)[http://paleohacks.com/questions/43423/better-skin-quality-of-the-skin/43453#43453] might help with the dry skin.



on October 05, 2011
at 10:18 PM

You could use it to polish your furniture with and use it as an excuse to go shopping for a better brand. (Coconut oil makes me breakout/lasting dry rash/ugh!)

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on October 05, 2011
at 08:25 PM

The amount of canola oil you would absorb through your skin would be trivial. Nothing wrong with it imo.


on October 05, 2011
at 09:48 PM

I just think it would go rancid, and then you're absorbing rancid oils...I wouldn't use it, but I am extremely sensitive. You could mix in some shea butter with your other oils for extra protection, and add vitamin e yourself...


on August 02, 2013
at 11:47 AM

If you have irritated skin you may see some benefit from Canola oil. But for most people it probably doesn’t make enough of a difference to justify spending more money. A regular moisturizer will work just fine. Naturally high levels of sterols might give Canola oil the ability to soothe skin that is irritated by surfactants Canola oil have the moisturizing quality. So it all depends on the skin type of an individual.


on March 02, 2012
at 05:44 PM

Rancid? Canola oil is used in cooking because it is resistant to high heat. How do you figure?

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