Does eating Primal/Paleo affect your skin?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created October 13, 2010 at 12:07 PM

I have been eating Primal/Paleo for 5/6 weeks now. I have been suffering from extremely dry, sore, cracked lips since I started and it is really starting to get me down. It has even started to migrate to above/below my lips and looks very red and sore. I have tried not putting anything on it, putting plain emollient on it and carmex but nothing is shifting it.

I was eating dairy for the first 3/4 weeks and have now eliminated it. This past weekend I fell off the wagon a bit as my parents were staying with us and ate wheat, dairy, rice all the things I shouldn't be eating and apart from feeling really bad (I am now back, committed 100%) my lips actually started to feel better (and are now getting steadily worse again)

Has anyone else experienced this and do they know what is causing it and how I can cure it?



on October 28, 2010
at 11:15 AM

is it just your lips, or is your skin in general dry? some threads have discussed iodine deficiency in relation to this...



on October 13, 2010
at 08:11 PM

sorry I should have added that I am a 25yr old female with a high bf% but normal BMI - trying to lose fat and retain/build lean muscle



on October 13, 2010
at 08:08 PM

avg days food - 3 eggs in 1/2tsp butter, 2 tins of tuna with some salad & gherkins, chicken breast and brussel sprouts - drinking 1.5 - 2l water a day and a snack of handful of berries and 5 - 10 almonds if necessary - had been eating higher amount of fat but have found I was not losing any fat train x4 week with weights, circuits and yoga



on October 13, 2010
at 02:33 PM

What is your average fat intake? What do you eat in a typical paleo day?

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on October 13, 2010
at 12:55 PM

Oh dear. I would suggest drinking plenty of water, and staying strictly away from dairy/gluten, and watching your O6:O3 balance (try to reduce some of the inflammation).

I would more strongly suggest seeing a doctor.



on October 14, 2010
at 04:13 AM

Sounds like something you have cut out is causing a deficiency in your system. First step is to go to fitday.com and punch in your food intake and see if you are deficient in any obvious nutrients. Even unhealthy foods have some nutrients. If you are already low in a nutrient and you cut out your main source of that nutrient, then deficiency can be quick. If you can figure out which nutrients you are low in, then you can find out which healthy foods have that and make a point to eat more of them. In a pinch, you can also supplement.

If that doesn't work, you can try the reverse of an elimination diet. See if you can figure out if there is just one specific neolithic food that is curing your cracked lips. Experiment with one neolithic food at a time and see if there is any specific one or groups of items that solve the problem If you can find just one or several that have one thing in common, then you can try to figure out what is in that one food that is solving your problems. Salt? Magnesium? Calcium? What does this or these foods have in them that you might be low on or need in your system?

Alternatively, there might be something new in your new diet that you are allergic to or reacting badly towards. SO suspect any food item that is new and try eliminating that one item and see if that helps.

Best to keep a food log of all foods eaten and outbreak times of the problem. SOmetimes/often, this can uncover patterns that were otherwise hidden.


on October 13, 2010
at 04:14 PM

If you are eating any ghee or coconut oil directly with a spoon, I suggest that you take a moment to let it linger in your mouth to give a few more moments to be absorbed by the mucosal membranes and then...

lick your lips to oil them just a bit with the food oils

I've done this in the past to ease the winter chapping of my lips.



on October 13, 2010
at 03:28 PM

B vitamin defeciancy maybe?



on October 13, 2010
at 01:35 PM

I believe you are exhibiting food allergies. They can show up late in life. I get that same thing when I have dairy. I just trialed goat dairy after 2 years completely dairy free, to see if I have healed from any of my allergies. Nope, the symptoms came right back.

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