B12, candida, depression, skin, clams?

Answered on January 03, 2014
Created September 04, 2013 at 4:28 PM

I ate a jar full of pickled clams the other day which amounted to about 3000% of my daily intake of b12

I have a feeling Im deficiant in it or anemic because I have really bad skin and dark circles and digestive problems and depression

Anyway I had actually been feeling and looking better lately after cutting way back on sugar and stress and lately I had noticed cloudy urine and my tongue was less white, I think maybe it's candida or some kind of infection because I always have a swollen gland in my neck that goes up and down, but i thought maybe i was getting rid of it

Anyway I ate the clams and then about an hour later I got quite anxious and then really depressed and cried for about 30 minutes, today my skin looks pretty bad

Is the b12 coming in and kicking out the candida and making me feel worse or something? Is that bro-science? Am I doomed to always look and feel this way?

any thoughts on this?

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on January 03, 2014
at 03:57 AM

Looks like you have shellfish poisoning and yet in a stage bad enough to experience the symptoms itself. It just takes a couple of shellfish and other toxic animals over a period of time for the symptoms to be exemplified by what you have been consuming. In fact, I think that alot of people are also experiencing the same problem as u are experiencing. I was one of them and I hope not to be one again in the future because the mental and physical symptoms are unbearable, at least to me. I'm not cured completely but my symptoms have been deteriorating after I COMPLETELY stopped eating those junks for more than 1 year. Yes... more than 1 year... it is very toxic and the human body is not made to really address these kinds of toxins. Therefore, it takes longer than one can imagine for the body to eliminate these substances. It takes alot of self control and determination of course and you can really feel how your neurology recovers and changes with time. If you must know, I also had cloudy urine, depression, bad skin, etc which all progressed to the stage which I know of the latest which led to me having yellow coloured saliva. The saliva when left out in the open turns yellow after some time. That was when I started eating "Kosher" or at least thats what people call it. If you want more information, you should know what to do.

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