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Asked on July 01, 2014
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and I'm so sorry about the sunlight he made the East as you can see I'm Justin like my house all day hanging out with John and now it's like he???s gone I'm all alone so I was recorded with some hot so I'm going to be using and forever HDfoundation today this is like my goatee fashion I want marble coverage I do is I calm down army hand like that to go home when I think the stigma flattop kabuki brush what is called laptops and that it can be. at eighty this lined up brushes from Sigma is the most amazing on the world you don't know what's the rush is it they are just as good as Mac they're Nuvalift the exact same thing and Max are you but they are and they're all my army Sigma you need aha I believe and you cannot go of these brushes so what I do. if they take my foundation brush messed up a lot in there and I kind of way per share think that because I won to get into the crash that a more natural look now I'm scared to get and start moving around my face and as you can see you can probably barely even see it s where I'm going for posts I like to build my foundation I don't want to just throw on their behalf times a stick foundation now on me I a primer and that is on her death I do not believe in prior???s ion I think primers are just more than anything and get now I put the lid on a ring to the something for assignment based home unless you have special needs in your skin and you know you're getting a really good primer bit promises to do certain things that feel my hands I just think that the basic primers out there like max primer and us Steelers paramedics primer and Smash box is primarily I don't see anything that it does for me all on basically before you bring your foundation you


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