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Asked on February 26, 2014
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minute I would stop me this would come back and then what finally worked loll I outgrew my acne and if there's such a thing by when I would drink a lot of water like glass and glass of water my skin Amacari care messaging me you know for me when I learned that works for my skin is lots of water you know how I'm feeling I eat lots of fruits and vegetables I don't drink milk the only milk I drinks almond milk so I find milk is BC and I don't know if it effects skin and all but I don't drink milk irony red meat teat pork I don't eat beef during the week I don't leave chicken that much fish me seafood I eat ice water on a good stuff so that's what I do inters over I'm diet but I still the pizza ice cream with milk I just try not to buy it and then in terms I have stress I keep my stress levels down I am so prone to stress so on for me I have to like have to pray to meditate every morning and every night net I keep inside check also my pillow cases say clean your pillow cases regularly hormones when I'm on my period breakout K and M externally I have from favorites I like products that have a cooling effect and my cousin Jay actually he was working ate spa called pure and simple and every time you come over to my place I which is rate his lotions because I H I like them I am now using their products Jan simple awesome it is a bit on the.


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