Why does MDA attract this type of person?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 30, 2011 at 1:01 PM

never mind, deleted the post.



on October 11, 2011
at 06:00 PM

Olivia, being annoyed by this stuff is the price you pay for being a rationalist. This is not a good place for letting off steam though.



on March 30, 2011
at 02:37 PM

I love when people create new names on here to post stuff like this.


on March 30, 2011
at 02:27 PM

get a blog, this is not a place for rants



on March 30, 2011
at 02:03 PM

There are lots of stupid people in the world, many of them are on the Internet, and MDA is big. Do the math.



on March 30, 2011
at 01:58 PM

I would argue that this site, too, can fall victim to lunacy and pseudoscience. As can the comments on just about any blog.



on March 30, 2011
at 01:20 PM

er.. and what exactly is YOUR qualification to claim ALL of the above is bullshit? you do realize that at one point, paleo has also been called pseudoscience and quackery (and sometimes still is) by the mainstream "experts"?

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2 Answers


on March 30, 2011
at 02:08 PM

I think if one takes medical advice on a public forum for a terminal disease, one should reevaluate that decision. Also, in a lot of cases, forums like the one at MDA serve the very purpose of addressing alternative and sometimes unproven (in a "mainstream" trial) methods. I thinks it is a great place to throw around ideas, popular, proven, or not. BTW... I want to delineate between forum posters and Mark Sisson... I have chosen to believe that he does back up his ideas with good facts or personal experience and he is not just "throwing stuff out there".



on March 30, 2011
at 02:10 PM

I stick to his articles and only when they are of interest. Putting out a post daily, there's bound to be some chaff. Even Dr. Harris forums can get a little wacky - but some of the best stuff is when he jumps in to correct. I don't know if Mark does that much, which might be why they get out of hand.

He is California based, just sayin'. Wow, maybe I'm geo-racist...

I've always thought that might be why he's so into veggies/fruit. Dr. Harris is from Wisconsin and has no problem with cream and butter (okay, neither does Mark). But would Cordain be so anti-dairy if he lived in Wisconsin?

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