Bouncing back after a very hard pregnancy?

Answered on July 04, 2014
Created July 04, 2014 at 5:51 PM

I had twins 7 months ago, i developed gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and a condition called diatasis recti. I was generally healthy before this big life change. I have been doing Paleo for two weeks and prepping my meals take a lot of time, plus I cry myself through my KB workouts and I don't have support from my husband, at all. How do I keep things simple, but still effective? I don't want to give up!

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on July 04, 2014
at 09:43 PM

If you are still crying after 7 months you are suffering from untreated postpartum depression. I'm here to tell you from experience that it keeps getting worse until it's treated. I want you to promise that you will call your OB or your primary care physician first thing Monday morning and tell your doctor how you are feeling.

That said, I think that the paleo diet is an excellent way to help you heal and rebalance hormones. Focus on the healing aspects, because your body has had a huge insult to it, and you have been depleted. Don't try to lose weight just yet, get your nutrients in line and the weight will be able to come off once you are healed up physically and emotionally.

I don't know what to say about your husband, other than you may have to sit him down and spell out in no uncertain terms exactly what you need from him. If he's not willing to do that, then perhaps it's time to consider some marriage counseling. Most men want to do the right thing, but they are just clueless about what that is because we expect them to read our minds instead of telling them what we need. I found that my husband was 100% willing to do what I needed, as long as I explained to him what it was. Believe me, he will NOT figure it out on his own.

I would focus on: Healing your tissues--LOTS of bone broth and additional gelatin (i.e. Great Lakes gelatin powder) added to foods and drinks. If you have the cash (or a birthday coming up?), invest in an "Instant Pot" which is an electric pressure cooker and more. Honestly, bone broth could NOT be easier. I dump 3 lbs of organic wings in the pot with an onion, some celery and carrot, cover with water, and press a button. In about an hour my bone broth is ready, but if I'm not ready for it, the Instant Pot will keep it warm until I can deal with it--even 12 hours later. You can also steam, use it as a slow cooker and many more things--I can't think of a better appliance to help a mom of twins eat healthfully. And it doesn't heat up the house in the summer!

Focus on probiotics to get your gut flora in good shape--capsules and/or fermented foods, good quality proteins and natural fats.

Fats are our hormone precursors, so you need lots of fat to help restore your body's hormone balance. Fats also help us absorb all the nutrients which have been depleted by the huge drain on your body creating two human beings. Make sure you're getting Vitamin K2 (from fermented foods or from supplements) to help balance the calcium that is surely out of whack after this pregnancy. And plenty of fish oil to restore your DHA. Have your Vitamin D checked and supplement if needed (including getting outside in the sun with your little ones).

Try to stay on the lower carb end of things and avoid even the paleo approved "natural sweeteners" (e.g. honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc.) because the fact that you had GD means your predisposed to insulin resistance and developing diabetes over time.

If you are still nursing, this will all be GREAT for your babies--you'll pass that good nutrition on to them. And as they eat solid foods, seeing Mom set an example eating all these healthful foods will help them learn to eat healthfully as well.

Hang in there, it WILL get better, I promise.

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