Are these normal side effects? (sorry if its gross)

Answered on November 29, 2013
Created November 29, 2013 at 4:26 AM

I recently switched to paleo after searching for a while for a way to be healthier. I started on 11 November and am only a few days away from my third full week. I have been following paleo rules and I can already see the change. I lost 8 pounds and feel much better then I did before starting. Unfortunately it hasn't all been good. The first week I pooped about 4-5 times a day. Since then my gut has slowly adjusted and I'm pooping closer to once a day. But ever since the first or second day, after pooping or even at random times my rectum itches horribly. Nothing I do can stop the itch i just have to ignore it and wait for it to pass. I figured that it was normal for switching to Paleo and was part of the detox from the SAD but it has not gotten any better and it has been going on for close to three weeks now. Also this last week I have developed small blisters in the corners of my mouth which I don't not know if are related or not. Has anybody else gone through this? I cant find much about people experiencing this after switching to Paleo. The food that I am eating now is not new to me. The only change is no grains, legumes, or sugar(except from fruit). Other then these few annoying side effects I am completely happy with my switch and plan on sticking it out. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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on November 29, 2013
at 04:37 AM

For the itch, have you had anyone or have you yourself done a visual check for hemorrhoids? If not the only other scenario I've personally heard of that is from pinworms. It's definitely not a normal side effect of the paleo diet.

Blisters on the other hand commonly hear about. Lowering your carbs so dramactically has a powerful diuretic (loss of water) effect. Monitor your water intake closely and, if needed, look into carb refeeds (paleo style).

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on November 29, 2013
at 04:52 AM

The itching is probably from parasites, which are dying because of the lack of their preferred carbs. Take an herbal parasite remedy including wormwood and black walnut

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