got sick! competition in 2 days. What to take?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 29, 2012 at 7:31 PM

Hi all. I've got a major grappling competition in 2 days and it seems as though I've caught a virus. Not super bad, but i still have to deal with a sore throat, congestion and general fatigue.

Thought about going to the doc and maybe getting some antibiotics, but decided against it. Any suggestions on what I should take to help me recover before competition day?



on May 30, 2012
at 12:35 AM

Antibiotics kill bacteria. They won't do anything against a virus. They're over prescribed for things they won't help with, leading to increase in antibiotic resistant strains of serious bacterial diseases.

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6 Answers



on May 29, 2012
at 08:10 PM

(1) Antibiotics are useless against viruses. (2) If you're contagious, aren't you spreading disease amongst your fellow competitors? That seems unsporting.

I also think you'd be better served to stay home and rest. Have you been overtraining?



on May 29, 2012
at 08:04 PM

I would just focus on getting well and skipping competition. Competing while sick is asking for trouble, like inflammation to heart muscle and other nasty stuff.


on May 30, 2012
at 02:40 AM

You're not going to forget all your moves so taking time off > than training. Your conditioning might sucked if youre stillsick day of competition.



on May 30, 2012
at 01:44 AM

D3 in an oil-base. 40,000 IUs for 2-3 days. Will boost your immune system & get that bug out of your system pronto.



on May 30, 2012
at 12:42 AM

A basketball player (maybe Kobe Bryant?) had the flu one year during NBA finals, and I think they put him on IV during half-time to help him hydrate. Probably not realistic in your case though.

I agree with comments above on antibiotics.

I also agree that best option is to rest, but understand that's not always an option (i.e., if this is a once per year competition).


on May 30, 2012
at 12:26 AM

sleep, vitamin C, bit of light meat, hot meals/soups to level body temperature and get better respiratory condition. [to destroy the mucus you might have gotten in your lungs].

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