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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 13, 2013 at 4:53 AM

Hi all, I am living in Thailand and suffer from celiac. I have been so sick off and on and at the moment going through a bad patch. I have decided to move back to Australia as its too hard here with this illness with lack of Gastro doctors etc.... I never go a week without vomiting at least once a week. I have 3 more months here before I move. CAn anyone please give me advice of what i can do from now until then, liquid diet anything to get me through. I am at work today and I am dying, I am in so much pain, bloating etc.... Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you.



on May 13, 2013
at 07:11 PM

Workout, but, I'm not a doctor.

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on May 13, 2013
at 05:06 AM

Andrea, I wish I knew what to tell you... but my advice is to find a very good doctor. Finding a good doctor is extremely hard since most of them are not adequately trained.

  1. No grains period.

  2. Low FODMAPS cooked (steamed, boiled) vegetables.

  3. Cooked fruits. I know, sounds ridiculous - but what if you have other things than celiac going on? Your immune system could be compromised, you don't want to take any chances.

  4. Boiled water only. Are you comfortable drinking their bottled water? It is a tropical region, full of parasites.

  5. Meat, fish, eggs - cooking from scratch. You can make a wonderful soup with meat, carrot, celery and bok choy. Soups are quite filling, and you can add a zucchini.

Good luck, I wish I could tell you more!



on May 13, 2013
at 07:07 AM

If this was me, I would probably start with as small of a list of safe foods as possible.

Maybe white rice, fish, sweet potato, and coconut oil. This will be your diet for a couple weeks to a couple months. If this doesn't work, tweak it. If it does, add to it.

Maybe look into probiotics. (Right now, I'm doing water kefir and 5yr fermented vegan supplements.)

For beverages, I'd keep it just water. Maybe squeezed lemon/ginger first thing in the morning if you find it helps (it does for me.) If none of this works... weed? (helps with nausea.)

Edit: Also note, that this is what works for me.. I'm asian and basically can live on white rice (it was my favorite food as a kid.) Rice / fish allergies seem common on here, so, this diet could cause you problems right out of the gate. It'll just be brutal trial/error.

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