Are CAFO animals sick?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created October 31, 2011 at 4:16 AM

If a CAFO animal, like a cow, were to show up at their Cow-doctor, would that cow be diagnosed as sick? I hear that all CAFO cows are obese, so i guess the question is a matter of 'How sick'? What sickness plagues CAFO animals the most? What treatments are given and how effective are they (for instance, antibiotics are common, right?)? Etc.

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3 Answers


on October 31, 2011
at 05:19 AM

I want to say yes although apparently most cattle are slaughtered at less than 30 months (link). So they may not live long enough to fully develop the diseases they way many people do. It might be like the equivalent of a really unhealthy teenager or young adult. There is at least evidence that Paleo works for pigs.

Agrarian diet and diseases of affluence ??? Do evolutionary novel dietary lectins cause leptin resistance?

"We performed a trial on 24 domestic pigs in which a cereal-free hunter-gatherer diet promoted significantly higher insulin sensitivity, lower diastolic blood pressure and lower C-reactive protein as compared to a cereal-based swine feed... A prospective observational study on intake of refined grains as part of a 'western diet' pattern showed a positive association with increased risk for type 2 diabetes."



on October 31, 2011
at 08:02 AM

I guess they have a lot of psychological problems first and foremost. Well documented is the abnormal behavior CAFO-pigs show. I haven't actually seen documentation like that for cows but then I have never looked for it. Certainly a very interesting topic.

I haven't looked much further than that but I know that diarrhea is a common problem with these animals due to bad/wrong nutrition.

As with "CAFO"-broilers just take a look at the images. Many can't even walk.



on October 31, 2011
at 11:23 AM

They're not necessarily sick, per se, but suffer from inadequate nutrition that leads to inflammation which ultimately over time will cause infectious disease to set in.

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