Steps to diagnose possible SIBO?

Answered on April 20, 2014
Created April 20, 2014 at 5:10 AM

For anyone who has suffered digestive issues, especially concerned symptoms that lead to me wonder if SIBO is the culprit, how did you handle this with your doctor? For the record: I'm only guessing at SIBO, I'm aware it could be a handful of different things but it sounds like a possibility for me I want to rule out.

I went to a family doctor recently to have blood work done due to a variety of symptoms that I believe is stemming from months of digestive distress: extreme fatigue, weight loss, cold intolerance, muscle aches, to name a few. The sudden development of this is horrifying for someone incredibly healthy, never sick, no medications, and able to work out intensely several times per week.. I follow a clean paleo diet and rarely cheat, but I did a few months ago for the Christmas holiday and have been regretting it since. My major problems are uncomfortable gas and bloating immediately after meals accompanied by the loudest sounds and sensations of gas moving about, but it typically calms down an hour or so after eating and even quicker if I'm walking around. I've tried a handful of diet eliminations and modifications and have found the only relief in the SCD diet (it has helped substantially), which I've been following for about a month and a half, but I don't believe it will be the ultimate cure for me.

The doctor ran a handful of tests and we are waiting back on the blood work results but is insisting the next step is a colonoscopy. I was very surprised by this because I never thought any of my symptoms warranted such an invasive test. The doctor didn't agree and said it's the next step for any digestive issues after blood work to rule out other possible causes. Is this really true? Or is this doctor just trying to get money out of me?

My main question, is every doctor going to want to do a colonoscopy first to rule out those certain diseases? Or is it possible to find a GI doctor that is willing to explore other possibilities with me and less invasive tests before going down that route? I wish I had a paleo doctor around me, but alas, I do not. Any advice would be appreciated, as I am a financially-tight-new-homeowner-college-student who is trying to find the most streamlined approach to treatment with the least testing and medication.

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on April 20, 2014
at 03:49 PM

You might have to go private .. it isn't too expensive! I have a place near me here in the UK that can test for SIBO, candida etc .. most tests are about £80- £100 which is worth it so that you have a better idea of what you are trying to fix.

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