Juicing cleanse and SIBO?

Answered on December 09, 2017
Created July 04, 2015 at 4:52 PM

Hi all - so I've got celiac, MS, leaky gut, anemia, insulin resistance, fluctuating blood sugar/cortisol, hypochloridia and SIBO. kind of cured myself of PCOS just via eating PALEO (now get period regularly, but i still have insanely high DHEA) anyway, i could never find out why i cant lose weight. i am 5'8 and 177 now...just saw fat, sick and nearly dead and kind of want to try the juice fast (or at least replace some meals with lots of healthy juice) bu dont know if that's good for sibo? im reading so much conflicting into about how to kill sibo online it's insane - some say yes garlic, some so no garlic. some say overripe banana, some say just ripe banana...i dont know what to do! i actually feel pretty good but feel like i could use more veggies...should i get a juicer and have lots of veggie juice drinks a day and a paleo meal? or is juicing out bc of blood sugar issues and SIBO?  and if you DO recommend juicing whayt should i put in it so that i actually feel full for hours? i will also read SIBO threads on this site but i looked up juicing and SIBO and nothing came up...thanks in advance for your help!



on July 13, 2015
at 09:32 PM

I am glad I could help, but I am just giving back to the Paleohacks community - I learned so much from Paleohacks so hope I can help somebody else in return.

It is PROKINETIC, not prekinetic. It helps things move, because bacteria slows everything down. I took Itopride hydrochloride, but you won't be able to buy it, it is only available in Asia. 

I went through ten different doctors, none of them could diagnose me. In the end I diagnozed myself and had to find a SIBO specialist who administered the test and confirmed my diagnosis. 

Yes, I actually believe that I am better than many doctors and nutritionists. It might sound pretentious, but, unfortunately, I went through too many doctors that knew much less than I did. Most of them did not even know about FODMAPS! But again, I owe all of it to Paleohacks.

If I were you, I would stick to a normal Paleo diet for now -no fruit or nuts, of course. See what the doc tells you and then you can start your juice fast. Don't do low carb because you are not supposed to do it for a long time, you can mess up your thyroids. Just do it while on regular antibiotics. By the way, I don't do well with a lot of fat, so I did not have a lot of fat. Bone broth was not fatty.  

Yes, my case is different because I had methane. But Dr. Siebeker told me that methane bacteria is way harder to get rid of than the hydrogen one. It is true. The hydrogen bacteria is easy to cure. Hope you soon will be SIBO-free! Wishing you luck! 





on July 13, 2015
at 08:56 PM

I have to laugh when you say "your doctor is something else." because this is one of the very few who even figured out i Had SIBO. i had a pregnant looking belly (filled with gas/air!) for years and stupid docs said i ate too mcuh when i was hardly eating at all. my problem is that i dont fart or belch excessivly or have stomach problems, nausea etc so docs didnt think anything is wrong when all ihad to do was look in the mirror to know something was seriously off. so many more people are getting dxed with SIBO now but still it's not common for people to know about it. even nutrition/research freaks i talk to, i'm like "get tested for SIBO!" theyre so gassy - and they say "what's that!" ;)

prekinetics! you are awesome for sharing. well two people mentoined the fasting thing and garlic pills working. i distilled the notes from this very helpful conversation (the one you and i are having) - i took notes of everyhing you said. the juicer is coming in the mail today/ i dont have a doc appt till the 22nd. i have to figure out if i want to try jucing and eating berberine and interfase still, or eating meat and fat (no veggies) until i see doc. your case is a little different bc you were on antiobiotics and you had methane not hydrogen but i can tell you that you are SO HELPFUL and generous with your info - i learned about no bananas, no veggies whle on antiobitcs, prekinetics, taking two antiobiotics. THANK YOu! really, i want to hug you. thank you. so much conflicting info to sort through online, i like your approach of lkeeping it VERY SIMPLE. i thnk youre better than any doc or nutritionist ive seen!



on July 13, 2015
at 08:28 PM

I do not know what to tell you, because I did horrible with juice fast. I actually purchased a very expensive juicer to do it and... it did not work for me. I also bought garlic pills and... they did not work for me either.

But everybody is different, what did not work for me might work for you. It would be very interesting for me to know the results if you ever do the juice fast plus garlic pills. Try it and tell us how it worked - I am sure if it works for you, it will work for other people.

I am 100% sure that the reason why rifaximin did not work for you is because you did not take prokinetics. As a matter of fact, once you finish your antibiotics, you have to stay on prokinetics for another week or so. Your doctor is something else, let me tell you. Although mine wasn't any better - I had to research everything myself!

As for Dr. Seibecker, I recommend her because I diagnosed myself after listening to her lectures. I knew something was wrong with me, but I did not know what SIBO was. I stumbled upon her videos on Youtube and when she said about lack of iron (I was iron deficient at that time) - the test results my doc failed to explain - it donned on me - I have SIBO! I started reading like crazy, and ended up scheduling an appointment with her. She runs appointments by minutes - I had about 20 minute consultation with her, and I paid her by check later. She asked me for my numbers - I had to read her my test results so she could tell how far bacteria spread. Mine was not that far, but there was a lot of it.

I no longer have SIBO, and I can eat pretty much anything I want, but I stay true to Paleo since I have other health issues.

So, please do whatever you can and give juicing a try, alhtough, again, it did not work for me. I am just sharing what worked for me. And if juicing does not work and you go for more antibiotics, don't forget about prokinetics.       



on July 13, 2015
at 02:28 PM

I've never even heard of prokinetics! i can ask doc, but another possibility is below:

 I didnt get to listen to the whole podcast yet for siebecker (2 people at work quit, I am SWAMPED covering their jobs). i also see her rates - i just paid $150 for a nutritinist who wasnt good, and cant afford an additional big sum at the moment. some people said her recs didnt work for them, some did.  i did see on the comments board on this page (one of her podcasts http://scdlifestyle.com/2011/08/how-to-tell-if-you-have-small-intestinal-bacterial-overgrowth-and-what-to-do-about-it-scd-podcast-25/)    that a few people kicked it with the help of juicing & garlic pills: i'll paste comments here: 

Brandon December 3, 2013 at 11:26 am I have not done the breath test, but knew SIBO was the issue…been on SCD 100% for 3 years…and still inflammation especially when I eat too many carbs, and not doing probiotics…I dont do well with fats and have malabsorption issus…

So…I took 3-4 bottles of allicin-c garlic in heavy doses and then went into a 3 week juice fast of fresh orange and carrot and celery…symptoms gone for the first time in 3 years!!!

Then I started more sweeter fruits (bananas, dates, apples ) and it all came back…I was pretty much vegan for 3 months so I cant blame dairy or meats…

Anyone else have issues with SIBO coming back with too many sweeter fruits?

BG December 10, 2013 at 8:23 amFantastic!!! I have heard this one 3-4 times…its so true.

What helped me was: taking Allicin garlic pills…1400-1800mg per day in divided doses…did that for three weeks…took some heavy berberin and ginger lower bowel herbs from the best herbalist out there…

and then went into a long juice fast of fresh carrot,spinach, celery and oranges…that allowed the GI track to rest and fed me essential vitamins and minerals in the easiest way to digest…which is pretty much the elemental diet Dr. Siebecker was discussing…the SIBO could NOT feed off of the juices because they were RAW and no pulp!

They starved out and with the garlic…had no chance

Fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice is the ultimate cure…juice fasting has been proven to cure practically every disease if given enough time…the body will heal itself…food is just an aid…and cooked food can be so bad for us…dead foods do not heal…raw living foods help to heal us.

cooking fruits and most other foods renders it useless pretty much especially meats…

so juice, juice, juice…your body can make it a long time with water and raw juices…no need to do it longer than needed.

O and use distilled water!!! make your own.

hope that helps someone out there…it has for me and many others that shared that with me.


any thoughts? THANK YOU!



on July 12, 2015
at 11:19 AM

I remembered something that might be important. Did your doctor tell you that you have to take prokinetics together with antibiotics? I hope you know that prokinetics are essential for your treatment. I assume he did tell you.

I had to try three different ones, the first two did not agree with me. The third also gave me some side effects, but they were mild comparing to the first two, so I took that one. If you are going to make an appoinment with Dr. Siebecker, ask her about prokinetics. Don't do the natural ones - they are no help. Take the commercially available one, I forgot its name, but it is very strong. 



on July 09, 2015
at 12:18 PM

Ok, great advice as usual. I will make an appt. with her - Ive been on interfase and berberine for months, and I still have it.  I'll ask er about rifaxamin resistance, I just want this overwith. THANK YOU for your time, energy and wisdom!!

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3 Answers



on July 05, 2015
at 02:54 PM

I had SIBO, was treated and got cured. SIBO is actually very easy to treat. I am surprised too many people are still suffering from it. 

I advise you NOT to go into juicing. First of all, it will not cure your SIBO. I am not sure it will aggravate it, but it won't cure it, I promise. I don't even understand why you are looking into juicing, that should be the last thing on your list.

I know how you feel because I have an endless list of diseases myslef. The most important one is metabolic problems (I have hyperinsulenimia and problems with cortisol as well). 

So, this is what I would do if I were you:

1. Go to the doctor, request a 3 hour lactulose hydrogen-methane test, do it and see what comes up. After that the doctor will put you on either on Rifaximin or Rifaximin plus another antibiotic. That will take care of your SIBO. 

Your anemia is most likely caused by SIBO. The bacteria depeltes you of iron. Watch and read Dr. Siebecker, she knows everything about SIBO. 

2. Make sure to keep your blood sugar in check. Low carb with every 2nd day more carbs for thyroids, vegetables and protein only. Find a good source of fat that agrees with you. No sweets, fruits, sugar in any shape or form.

So, here are some of my ideas. SIBO is just a side effect of some other major problem in your body. Most likely, insulin resistance. If you take care of that, SIBO won't return.

No bananas. Definitely no bananas. If you want to try something, buy some zucchinis, peel and boil them for a long time, mush them with a hand-held blender. It always worked for me, even though I am not fond of boiled zucchini!

Whether to eat garlic or not - it is up to you. Garlic is good for SIBO, but so many people (like me) react to it. See how your body reacts to it. If you are fine with garlic, there is no reason to give it up, it is good for you!


1. Start by hydrating. Drink at least 0.75 gallons of water every day. I drink Evian. It is expensive, but palatable. REMEMBER NOT TO DRINK TOO MUCH IN ONE GO. If you drink too much water at once, it might cause severe condition, possibly life threatening. Drink at least half a cup every 30 minutes. 

2. On your plate you should have only three items: protein (Paleo-approved), vegetables (Paleo but no sweet potatoes) and your choice of Paleo fat. No fruit, no nuts, no cheese. Just that.

3. EAT SLOWLY. In fact, this should be #1 rule, because eating slowly is crucial for your weightloss. As a matter of fact, if you eat slow enough, you can pretty much eat anything you want. Slow means - small bites, take time between bites. One meal should last at least 30 minutes or even longer. The longer the better. Your brain will adjust to small bites.

4. Supplements and vitamins. I recommend Donat Mg water for magnesium, also make sure you get vitamin K2, it's essential. Also, check your vitamin levels. You might be deficient in many. 

The weight will melt off if you follow the regimen above. Good luck!




on July 05, 2015
at 10:51 PM

thank you so much for all the time you took to answer my questions! 1-i already took test and tested positive for SIBO. over the years ive been on rifaximin twice but it did not permanently kill my sibo.   now im on berberine and interfase and betaine HCL.   zucchini sounds awesome, i will try it. a nutritionist told me i could have strawberries and blueberries, but i guess she was wrong? yep, conflicting advice abounds. online says overripe banans and honey ok, i guess im just gonna have to nip that in the bud. i dont know what the heck im gonna eat to quell the ocassional sweet craving. ive had plenty of nuts and it's time to cut them out :0)  i used to do just protein, veggie and fat, not even sweet potatoes, and 172 was my lowest point. cannot break it. OY. maybe bc sibo never died. i will also drink more water, thank for the tips. why do i want to juice? to get more nutients from veggies in my body without the fiber - as fiber is not easily digestible for people with sibo, i thought...anyway, im gonna go drink my water and will also check out that speaker you suggested, thank you so much, i appreciate your sharing your advice and kudos to you for kicking it!



on July 05, 2015
at 11:12 PM






KC - strawberries and blueberries are good for you and are highly nutritious, but... I found that if you want to lose weight quickly (and who doesn't) you need to cut out ALL fruit. 

After you lose the desired amount of weight, you will be able to reintroduce blueberries and strawberries, nuts and cheese and whatever you want. But please remember - EATING VERY SLOWLY, SMALL BITES WITH PAUSES is the key. If you eat slowly, you won't crave sweets. Guaranteed. 

As for SIBO - please ask your doctor what bacteria do you have, hydrogen-producing or methane producing? Methane producing bacteria causes constipation. I had methane and rifaximin alone did not work, I needed metronidazole + rifaximin. You might need neomicin, but I would not recommend it, it is not safe. If your bacteria created biofilm, you might want to think about what to do about it, but two antibiotics at once work wonders. 




on July 06, 2015
at 02:38 AM

VB - maybe you have the key to why i couldnt lose weight. damn. ok i can try cutting out all fruit. i will remember to eat slowly and drink lots of water. too bad, i just got a yonanas machine and am so in love with it, i want to marry it. i guess it'll be something to look forward to. i have the hydrogen producing kind, not the methane, i looked at my saved test results - yes, have biofilm and that's why im on interfase and berberine. you know your stuff!! i just dont know what the hell to eat for bfast as im told i have a chicken egg ellergy :/ that's why i still wonder if i can juice....hey thank you so much for your knowledge i really appreciate it a ton!!



on July 08, 2015
at 08:07 AM

One more thing I forgot to mention: when I was on antibiotics, I was on a very low carb diet (Dr. Siebecker recommended that). I did it to starve off my bacteria. I remember eating nothing but bone broth, some meat, eggs every day. Not sure if I had any carbs at this point. Also, just so you know, you can take herbal antibiotics (check Dr. Siebecker's website, siboinfo.com). My friend was taking it, not sure about the result. I tried them - nasty stuff! I am so glad regular antibiotics worked for me!

When you lose weight, would you come back and share your results? I would love to know how you did. Remember to up your carbs every 2nd or 3rd day to prevent thyroid problems. 




on July 08, 2015
at 12:50 PM

VB, so you had no veggies whatsoever? My thing is, I'm told from an IGG test that I am allergic to chicken eggs so I dont know what to eat - JUSt meat and bone broth? I could do that if necessary but will i be getting all the nutrients I need? Yep I'm on herbal antiobiotics but I think I'm going to ask for the rifaximin SOON because it's been months and I've still got it. Ok bone broth and meat it is...yes I will be glad to share results with you; you have been so generous with me, thank you!!



on July 09, 2015
at 10:51 AM

Please do not misunderstand me - I normally eat vegetables, actually, I eat them three times every day. But I reduced the amount of vegetables when I was on antibiotics, it was only for two weeks, as I recall. I do not remember for sure what vegetables I ate, but I remember I had very few. Every morning I had bone broth for breakfast, I remember it for sure. I think for lunch I had either fish or meat or liver and sauerkraut or zucchini. You don't have to eat eggs - I only had them because my antibiotics treatment conicided with my dad staying in hospital so I had to eat something quick when I came back home. 

Please do not eat just meat and bone broth, you will be missing out nutrients for sure. Only reduce your carbs WHILE you are taking regular antibiotics, such as Rifaximin. Who knows for how long you would have to take your herbal antibiotics. I only did it for two weeks, and then went back to my regular vegetable routine.  

Also, ask your doctor, would Rifaximin work if you took it twice already? Doesn't bacteria get used to it? Also, if worse comes to worst, schedule an appointment with Dr. Siebecker via Skype. She is wonderful and she knows more about SIBO than I do. Good luck! My honest opinion: the ONLY sure way for SIBO not to return is to eat a wholesome, well-balanced diet. 


on December 09, 2017
at 03:48 AM

I am curious on how to handle constipation with just meat and low residue vegetables....


on June 02, 2016
at 04:41 PM

Hey VB, I followed what you said on your answer and you're the only one who's been right. 

No carbs, no sugar, no fruit. Meat and eggs only. with cucumber and tomatoes and zucchini as vegetables. 

but my question is , for how long?


the 2nd I started on this diet. Ive been symptom free for the last 4 days. 

with the exception of feeling deprived from no sugar or caffeine. so a bit fatique but 5th day today> I feel alert. HOw long should I keep going on this diet?




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