Intense Gut healing HELP. Love you all. THX!

Asked on March 29, 2014
Created March 29, 2014 at 5:31 AM

Hello my beautiful people!!! Love you all...thank you in advance for the insight...guidance and suggestions. Im one of those special people that are just beyond sensitive to everything...My high performance vehicle runs of the highest premium grade fuel...and doesnt put on 91...catch my drift? I am attempting the GAPS diet with SCD and fodmap...with my own modifications of course. auto immune thyroid...and gastritis...oh...and incorporating the genome type diet. -O Blood Type. Pretty much can have swiss chard and zuccinis as far as im aware...Cant really have olive oil just yet...no avos...Basically doing my best to figure this ous...I have SIBO/dysbiosis/leaky gut/parasitic infection/viral infections...fungal infections, u get the idea...but i am a warrior...i am a terminator and i am figuring this out...So im going pure liquids...and puree right now...pre broken down foods...idea is to take the load of the body on breaking down and digesting...so i can focus on just assimilating and repairing...Bone broth= nono cause the damn GLutamic acid (MSG)...heard about the meat broth...i just dont see the difference. Was thinking of heavy dosing zinc carnosine in my veggie smoothie...bcaas/lysine/cysteine....arginine/ornithine...all that cool stuff..what else can i add to the mix to get proper nutrition in my body thats very simple to break down and digest. I was thinking something similar and along the lines of an elemental diet...but its gotta be precise and perfected to me...my body wont accept foreign and synthetic fake garbage that pretends to be nutrients. No imposters!!!!! Im just a perfect guinea pig...perfect candidate for experiments and studys....i know my experiences and healing journey is really gonna have a devistatingly amazing impact on a huge group of people...so all your effort in suggestions and guidance is indirectly saving the world. YOu are already all HEROES in my book. THanks again. 1 Love. -Wolverine!

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