Am I allergic to all fats and proteins now?

Asked on March 01, 2019
Created June 18, 2018 at 4:54 PM

Hey guys,

No idea what's happening and it's kinda worrying me, thought the community could help out.

For the last 5 days everytime I eat anything with protein or fat (burger patty, lean chicken, almonds, eggs etc) I get extremely drunk and tired feeling- not sure if that's what brain fog is. The part that's worrying is that it's *immediately* after eating the offending foods (within 20 seconds- 1 minute). 

Strangely, I tried and egg yolk the other day but changed my mind and spat it out. The trace amounts left in my mouth when I had a glass of water after was enough to give me that reaction as well! I'm at my wit's end. 

It seems I don't have that problem with fruits and vegetables, or even wheat when I tried it again.

About a couple months ago I was suffering from acid reflux/GERD which prompted me to change my diet, but now I have these new onset of symptoms after removing wheat, sugar, processed foods and reducing carbs. I am not overweight and relatively healthy.

Some of the things I suspect is SIBO, Histamine intolerance, low stomach acid and deficient enzymes. But not sure how this could cause such a quick reaction to the food?

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on March 01, 2019
at 05:49 AM

I seem to have this same problem, primarily eating super high fat foods that seemed to work with me so well in the past such as tallow, butter, coconut oil, etc. I currently think it might be a histamine intolerance likely due to bad gut flora which I believe I have due to lots of bloating and a inability to put I weight.

I tried some of the DAO supplements and think I may have gotten relief (ate 1 or 2 before meal). Seeking health website sells them but they are awfulling expensive. There are also histamine degrading probiotics that I have tried but my slow gut motility (which I believe is causing a lot of my issues in the first place, likely from a prior head injury) just worsens the bloating when I take any probiotic.

I would say trying to solve leaky gut/dysbiosis may be your best bet here: what I'm also trying to do. Will let you know if I come up with anything else that helps! I know how much this sucks you just want to eat nutrient dense fulfilling foods but then you cannot mentally function for a period of time.

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