AIP + AS (No Starch) + Sibo

Answered on March 06, 2015
Created October 22, 2014 at 1:00 AM

In other words: What to eat when you can't damn well eat anything?

I'm not a low-carb follower. Did it for a while, did not work, caused major insomnia. I need a measure of carbs in me to be able to function. So keep that in mind for this question:

What do I eat? I'm following the Autoimmune protocol because my symptoms are all over the map, plus Ankylosing Spondylitis - which I'm going to try a no-starch diet for, as I've heard positive results. In addition, I have severe IBS/SIBO, and don't do great with FODMAPS. Basically, I have been SCD/Paleo/GAPS for a year and still not doing well digestively. 

So... what do I eat? Right now I have it down to carrots, leafy greens, celery, bok choy, uh.... and meat/fish. Plus berries and sometimes banana or other low fodmap fruit. Thing is, I don't do that great with fruit in general, fodmap or no. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to eat in order to... not die from nutrient deficiencies. Or am I screwed?

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4 Answers


on October 22, 2014
at 01:19 AM

Are you including daily bone broth in your diet? It seems that gelatin is needed to heal from so many of the problems your gut is facing.



on October 22, 2014
at 01:23 AM

About 4-5 days per week, yeah. 



on March 06, 2015
at 04:24 AM

I can tell you what I ate when I could not eat ANYTHING.

Boil the heck out of zucchinis and pumpkins/carrots. You can add the type of onions (boiled) that work for you. Blend with a hand held blender till it is creamy.

Add boiled/cooked ground meat. Bananas and berries did not work for me.??


on November 21, 2014
at 08:12 PM

I'm in the same boat, only with less health issues. What worked for me so far:

- Greens blended in blender, large glass. Anything what is allowed goes there: one baby bock-choi, few to several leafs of Romaine or any other lettuce, two-three of leaves of Swiss chard, some arugula, several parsley and cilantro leaves, garlic or shallot, plus some fat you can bear (I use half of avocado, you may add coconut oil).

- Cauliflower "rice", "mashed potatoes", steamed heads mixed with broccoli, all with coconut oil.

- Meat, even pork, stewed with green, red, savoy cabbage or brussel sprouts, the more - the merrier, with onions and some carrots, add allowed spices. Fat from meat makes it last longer before you need next meal.

- Fried on water beef liver for snacks. Chicken gizzards and livers for variety. Beef heart. Kidneys, if you can stand smell during preparation. Pot roast used as cold cuts.

- Bone marrow, meat and vegetables stew, Weston Price approach with allowed ingredients.

- Stir-fry meat, vegetables.

- Canned seafood, if you can find it without undesirable ingredients.

- Seafood: makerel, smelt, wild salmon, octopi, cuttlefish, calamari, musseld - whatever you can find not too expensive. Soup, stew, fried.

- Grated carrots with some fat (a little olive oil for me).

- Herbal tea.

Try doing web search for "autoimmune paleo", name of the food and recipe. This way you will get the idea of what food combinations work together well and what variety of dishes you can get for the same ingredients.

What initially may help with digestion, raw juicing. If you have access to Netflix, I would recommend their food-related documentaries.

Hope that helps.



on October 22, 2014
at 02:48 AM

This seems to be a more complex set of issues than most requests on Paleohacks.  At first glance, it would seem prudent to become a patient of a functional medicine doctor (one with an MD, not just a Masters in Functional Medicine), and work with that doctor, plus a real-food RD on a treatment plan.  Follow the prior link or look at primaldocs.com to find the MD (and this podcast transcript if you're in N. CA), and look at the Realfood RD site.  Many RDs work via Skype/telephone with clients and their doctors.  I know for a fact that both Kelsey Marksteiner and Laura Shoenfeld do.

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