What happens when you take VFFs in the complete opposite direction?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 29, 2011 at 1:50 AM

A guy I know just got a pair of these.

alt text


He seems really excited, and is all about running now that he can do so without back or joint pain. I tried to get him on the Vibrams or Merrells but it was too far out of CW for him. He also eats a low fat diet with a daily Clif Bar (cause working in our office requires ENERGY!). Oh well, cant win em all.



on July 29, 2011
at 02:16 AM

Those things are hilarious. Though VFFs look silly, too. These things look like Frankenstein sneakers.

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4 Answers



on July 29, 2011
at 02:36 AM

Because men feel left-out of the platform footwear revival.


on July 29, 2011
at 02:27 AM

Sprained ankles, torn knee ligaments and sore hips waiting to happen. Especially on an inflammatory diet. I actually feel bad for him. Probably because it sounds like me a couple years ago...


on July 29, 2011
at 03:44 AM

Actually guys these are phenomenal shoes. I wear vibrams for my 50 milers, but use the Hokas for my 100 milers. They are super light, 4mm drop. And not at all what you assume by the looks. The top ultra runners swear by them. And I see why.



on July 29, 2011
at 02:50 AM

once, a long long time ago (when i was 16) i wore platform sneakers to the gym (it was the mid 90's..they were in style) sprained my ankle about 20 minutes in.

why in the world would anyone advocate wearing those things to work out? it is beyond me.

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